Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get to know Shanna

Hey Ya'll!

I can say Ya'll now since we relocated here to Mississippi from Arizona back in March. It's been a fun and interesting adjustment. The South truly is a different place but I love it for many reasons!

I guess it's my turn to tell you a little about myself! Julia sent me some questions to answer so I will get to it! Disclaimer: I tend to be a silly-heart who gets long-winded. There... consider yourself warned.

1) How did you start scrapbooking?

I started after my Junior Year of High School when I realized I needed a fun place to store all my memories and photos. Somewhere other than a shoebox. This is my very first scrapbook! Don't laugh! It was 1990 for crying out loud! HA HA! Complete with nothing but cut up paper, stickers, a few stamps, and an oh-so-classy padded cover with ric-rac and my High School colors.... Black and Gold. It's still sitting in storage turning more and more yellow every day because it was created in one of those horrible magnetic albums. I gotta re-do this thing before it eats itself up one day!

2) How long have you been scrapbooking?

Do I have to admit this? Please refer to question #1. HA!

3) How would you describe your style?

Holey Schmoley…this is always a hard question because I let several things dictate how I scrap. Depending on the photos and the type of emotion I’m trying to convey determines what style I scrap. I guess most of my layouts end up “playful & fun” but is that a “style”?

4) How do you feel about journaling? A lot, a little?

At LEAST a little on every layout. Rarely do I just add a title and photo to a page with no journaling. But whether it’s a lot or a little depends on the page and what it’s about. I love the details…. So if there ARE some then I definitely share them. This "Joy in the Journey" layout I created using Bo Bunny is one of my favorites with lots of journaling. I thinks it's an integral part of scrapbooking. When my children look back through my albums it's especially fun for them to read about the events and emotions or circumstances surrounding the layout Mama created. I surely won't remember the details in another 20 years down the road so I have to get that stuff down while it's fresh in my mind. (You can click on the layout to see the journaling)

5) Do you have your own scrapspace?

Ummm….. kind of. HA! I use the entire wall of our dining area off from our family room and kitchen. I love it. I’m sure my hubby would give me my “own room” if he could but this works for now. I love that I can work and play out where I’m still hanging with the family. Here’s a photo in it’s current state. I WAS going to clean it up and show you a “pretty” picture but what fun is that? LOL

6) What are your favorite subjects to scrapbook?

No brainer. My family, our kids! We have really cute kids. I’m not partial eh? Wink! Here’s a recent photo of our entire clan. We are truly blessed! And yes…. You DO see five girls in this photo and one sweet little boy. Mi Vida Loca!

7) What size do you like to scrapbook?

I scrap 12 x 12 and I love it but I also lovvvve to create mini-albums of all shapes and sizes! They make the BEST gifts and I love creating fun projects for my favorite people!

8) What or where do you go for inspiration?

Great photos, other scrapbookers, super cool scrap supplies & funky color-combos! Oh and my kids closets! You’d be surprised how much their clothing can inspire a great layout!

9) How do you start working? Sketch, supplies, photos….

If it’s for a design team assignment then I let the supplies do the inspiring…. If it’s all for me then I let the photo guide my mojo!

10) What’s your favorite Bo Bunny layout or project?

Oh… wow. I love them all for different reasons! They each tell so many different stories about my kiddos! I will go with this older layout I created of my Cassidy about her different names she has. Here are the Bo Bunny products used: Pink Punch Daisy, Greenhouse rub-ons, Wild Berry Dot, Sweet Summer, Sweet Summer Stripe, Sweet Summer Cool Clipz, 2Hot4U Cardstock Stickers

11) What is your favorite Bo Bunny product to work with?

I *heart* their Double Dot cardstock!!! I love the many colors and the texture. I love that I can sand the edges and white will peek thru. I also love their rub-ons…. Honestly this is a hard question because I love all their products and I’m NOT just saying that!

12) Any advice to someone who is just starting scrapbooking?

Don’t be a hoarder! LOL Use your supplies as you get them if possible. You will love yourself for it… I PROMISE.

13)Last…when is your birthday? Any favorite memories from birthdays?

My birthday is May 14th so every few years it actually falls on Mother’s Day. When I was a teenager I wasn’t keen on sharing my birthday with my Mom. LOL But now that I am a Mom I love it! It’s a double-the-love-day for me!

Okay…. Looks like I’m done. This was kind of fun! Thanks for sticking around to the end! LOL Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday with your families!




  1. Thanks so much Shanna! It's great to get to know you more! :-)

  2. An alumni of MHS I see. Go Jackrabbits.

  3. Hee hee! Hey Jodi! I didn't actually go to Mesa High though I did live down the street from there for years! I grew up in the West Valley before moving to the East Valley as an adult. I graduated from Maryvale High School. The Panthers! LOL Good to see another desert rat here on the blog! :)

  4. Thanks, Shanna! Your space is beautiful!

  5. Oh, yeah! It's Shanna Day! It's one of my favorite days.

  6. Shanna~ you're a hoot! It was so fun to read about you. You say you're long winded, but I was sad when it was over. Back to work I guess. Really, it's so good to get to know more about you and your family is gorgeous.

  7. Hey there!!! I so enjoyed reading your bio! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. SO much fun Shanna!! Love "getting to know you" all over!!

  9. Shanna, you forgot to say that you are fun to scrap with! LOL I guess I just said it for you! ♥

  10. He he Shanna, I'm impressed ! Love to know you !

  11. Now that's my dream dining room. I love it. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself and you have a beautiful family.

  12. mm00se12
    It's so fun to get to know you. I love your projects and knowing more about you,seeing your pretty face--just adds to the fun.

  13. Nice to meet you Shanna - the South is a special place - I'm in Georgia.

  14. What a fun post. I love getting to know the design team better. Thanks Shanna!

  15. you are just too fun, Shanna! Loved reading the low-down on ya, girl!
    But you forgot to tell everyone the best share your beautiful new BoBunny supplies! ;)

  16. I am glad to know that I am not the only one with a scrapbook table out in the open! Love it!

  17. Love the post-- so great to learn more about you!
    My ds was born on Mother's day and has to share his birthday with it every 5 years or so!

  18. It's fun getting to know a little about you Shanna. Bo Bunny has the Best Design team members. I love reading all the fun things about you and your cute family. I bet they keep you busy. It's fun sharing your birthday with Mother's day I know cause my birthday's May 14th also. Thanks for the fun facts and the Great Job you do!!! Jayne

  19. You're too cute, girlie!! Love your family photo -- it's beautiful!

  20. Thanks for sharing about yourself, Shanna! (Can I come and Scrap with you? I LOVE your room!).

  21. Shanna,

    It's great to read your bio and learn more about you! I love your scrapbook space. I agree, you do have a beautiful family!