Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Misc Me 12x12 & Stencils

Stencils & Misc Me? Who knew!! Check out the fun techniques Bernii uses below with our MUST have stencils!

Abigail Misc Me Spread by Bernii Miller using BoBunny Sticky Stencils and Madeline Collection.

Hello there BoBunny Fans! Bernii here today! I am here to share with you my Misc Me spread that I created using the brand new and exciting Stickable Stencils and Glimmer Sprays bought out with the last release.
Firstly I need to say that if you have not had the chance to grab a set or two of the new stickable stencils you must! They are by far the most superior stencil that I have used. They have given me such a crisp and detailed look using wet mediums. Before it was always a guessing game to see if my stencil had bled, but with the BoBunny stickable stencils, there is no longer that worry. So exciting!!

So let me show you closer what I did to create this Misc Me spread.
First, I used two double dot cardstock bases in Sugar to create this spread and laid them both out in front of me uncut. I then grabbed the Lace Stickable Stencil and laid it out across the two papers. That way I could keep on eye on creating a balanced and cohesive look. Once I was happy with the stencils I used both the Bronze and the Gold Glimmer Spray randomly over the page, making sure that I left some white space in places.

Abigail Misc Me Spread by Bernii Miller using BoBunny Sticky Stencils and Madeline Collection.

As you can see above in the bottom left corner the brilliant crisp image the BoBunny stickable stencils leaves behind when using wet mediums like the Glimmer Sprays. Once I was complete with the background, I then cut it all up to the measurements needed for the pocket pages.

Abigail Misc Me Spread by Bernii Miller using BoBunny Sticky Stencils and Madeline Collection.

As a tip to cleaning your Sticky Stencils, I suggest you peel them of your project, then clean them once they are attached back onto plastic sheet they are packaged in. Then using a wet wipe clean the stencil on top, and then lift up the stencil and clean the plastic sheeting underneath to make sure all residue is gone. Do not be too picky if the stencil is stained a little, as I find a little build up on top of the stencil is great to add a little more strength over time.

Abigail Misc Me Spread by Bernii Miller using BoBunny Sticky Stencils and Madeline Collection.

I used the new Madeline collection to embellish the Misc Me spread as I found it really  complemented Glimmer Sprays I used.
Abigail Misc Me Spread by Bernii Miller using BoBunny Sticky Stencils and Madeline Collection.

I also played around with the new BoBunny Pearlescents with the Stickable Stencils and simply used my finger to blend and spread around the wet medium. I love how it turned out and again how crisp the image turned out.

Thanks so much for dropping by.

Abigail by Bernii Miller
BoBunny Supplies: 
Double Dot: Sugar
Stickers: Madeline Combo Stickers
Noteworthy: Madeline
Brads: Madeline
Stamps: Romance Stamps
6 x 6 Paper Pad: Madeline
Petals: Madeline
Doilies: 4"small
Dot Jewels: Think Pink
Pearlescents: Blush, Coral
Ink Pad: Licorice
Glimmer Spray: Bronze, Gold
Washi: Kraft
Sticky Stencils: Bliss, Brocade, Lace
Film Sticker: Madeline

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stamping, Steciling, and Spraying Oh My! Tutorial

This fun photo tutorial will show you how to combine stamping, stenciling, spraying and embellishing on canvas! With BoBunny mixed media your options are endless!

Hello everyone! Kaori here to share my Tutorial using Stencils.
I used this heart shaped canvas. I began by painting white Gesso to the canvas.

After drying the paint with heat tool, I use this "Written Stamp".
I added some stamping to the background.


I applied modeling paste over the stencils. This stencil is "Stickable", so we will be able to keep it in place on the canvas or paper.

Once the modeling paste has dried, add some mists. I used TUTU and GOLD Mists by BoBunny.

Finally, adhering the embellishments.

I hope you like this project. Thanks for stopping by!

BoBunny Supplies:
6x6 Paper Pad: Madeleine
Brads: Madeleine
Buttons: Madeleine
Petals: Madeleine
Double Dot Aqua Jewels: Tuxedo, Pink 
Stamps: It Is Written Stamp
Glimmer Spray: TUTU, GOLD
Stencils: Brocade, Lace
Blooms: Blush Daisy, Blush Zinnia

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stencils, Stencils, Show Me How To Use Those Stencils!

Say what??? BoBunny stencils are stickable? You mean, when I put it on my project I don't have worry about smudging or bleed? That is right crafty friends! We are bringing you a week of projects that feature BoBunny stencils!

 I Wanna go FAST!! by Lisa G

I love stencils!!! They are so versatile and can be used with sooooo many different mediums. For my layout, because it has so much texture, I decided to use BoBunny's black ink applying it using a foam rubber applicator with the  BoBunny stencil, to grunge up the papers for my layout. I have wanted to scrap a picture of my car, and found the Wild Card collection to be the perfect match.

The background paper was mounted on  piece of corrugated cardboard using ModPodge. Once it dried, I wet the edges of the layout and peeled back, tore and wrinkled back the outer layer of paper and cardboard. I did the same for the middle piece of paper. I inked it further and applied the fabulous  Bronze spray to give it an old gilded finish. I die cut the tags from the extra paper I cut away, inked them and added an eyelet. 

I used flowers from 2 different collections that matched my paper perfectly. I inked and layered them before scrunching them up a bit for texture and fullness. Then I placed a brad in the center to anchor them together.

You can see the peeled back layers that I used on this layout. I also tucked under some inked petals between the layers. I added the glitter paste round the middle layer to add some sparkle to the layout. I also tucked in  few of the noteworthy pieces into the layers as well.

The BoBunny stencils are wonderful as they have a sticky back formulated to stay in perfect position while you use your choice of mediums. There are a variety of designs to work with.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Wild Card Billiards, Wild Card Dominoes/Wild Card
Brads: Wild Card
Glitter Paste: Gold
Mist: Bronze Glimmer Spray
Stamp Pad:Licorice
Noteworthy: Wild Card
6x6 Paper Pad: Wild Card
Combo Stickers: Wild Card
Stickable Stencils: Brocade
Petals: Madeleine/Souvenir
Pearlescents: Chocolate

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Souvenir Layout

Hello BoBunny Fans! It's Juliana here with a Travel scrapbook page using the new Souvenir collection by BoBunny. This collection seriously arrived just in time for me to use to capture the memories of my recent trip with my family to Niagara Falls. We had never been there before, so we really enjoyed experiencing this marvel of nature together as a family.

Travel Scrapbook Page by Juliana Michaels featuring BoBunny Souvenir

To create my layout, I began by matting a large piece of white cardstock with a sheet of the Souvenir Journey paper. However, to save some of the paper, I cut a large 10 x 10 inch square from the center of the Journey paper and saved it to use on another project. I then added some sprinkles of the new Glimmer Spray in Bronze.

Travel Scrapbook Page by Juliana Michaels featuring BoBunny Souvenir

Next, I layered strips of patterned paper and cut out some of the post card images from the Sightseeing paper to create a mat behind my photo. To further embellish my layout, I added a few chipboard pieces and the "Our Adventure" tag from the Noteworthy packet.

Travel Scrapbook Page by Juliana Michaels featuring BoBunny Souvenir

I selected the "Travel" chipboard letters to use as my title and fussy cut the compass from the Navigation paper to place behind it. ( I used the Navigation paper on another layout and had some scraps still laying on my desk.) To finish it off, I used the new BoBunny Licorice Ink Pad along with the Captured and To The Point Stamp Sets. I did the stamping before I adhered the piece to the background paper.

Travel Scrapbook Page by Juliana Michaels featuring BoBunny Souvenir

So will you be using Souvenir to document your vacation memories? We can't wait to see them!



Travel Scrapbook Page by Juliana Michaels

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Souvenir | Sightseeing, Journey, Explore, Getaway, Navigation, Wanderlust, This Way
Stamps: Captured, To The Point
Ink Pads: Licorice
Glimmer Spray: Bronze
Brads: Souvenir
Noteworthy: Souvenir
Chipboard: Souvenir
Layered Chipboard: Souvenir

Thursday, September 11, 2014

8 x 9 Souvenir Misc Me

Oh the places you go
Oh the pictures you take
Try Misc Me for the project you'll make.

It has pockets with cards that fit just right
Your finished product is sure to be a delight!

Zante Misc. Me by Tracee Provis

The Misc Me 8 x 9 is perfect for recording your vacations, Zante Greece is a favorite holiday spot for me and I am using the 8 x 9 size to document my times there.

I love all the different sized pockets and this gives you lots of selection for photo sizes. You can also add elements to the outside of your pockets which can give a layered look without it being to bulky in your folder.

Bo Bunny has a whole host of stamps and I love to pull them out and add them to the pages With the addition of the new ink pads, I stamped the circle from the On This Day set with the Sugar ink pad. I then embossed it with clear ink and added the Sept stamp with the Emerald color. I love the way you can still see the details in the circle stamp after its been embossed.

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Getaway, This Way, Sightseeing, Navigation/Souvenir
6 x 6 pad: Souvenir, Modern Miss
Chipboard: Souvenir
Misc Me Binder: Souvenir
Misc Me Contents: Souvenir
Misc Me Journal Box Set: Pop Quiz, Modern Miss
Misc Me Notepaper: Avenues
Washi Tape: Modern Miss
Stamps: On This Day, Captured, To The Point
Ink Pads: Sugar, Emerald, Licorice
Pearlescents: Blush


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Artists Trading Blocks

Souvenir Artists Trading Blocks- Lisa Novogrodski

Hello BoBunny Fans! It's Lisa here today and I have a fun and artsy project to share with you. Artists Trading Blocks! Who knew? While I was perusing the internet seeking inspiration for my project I stumbled upon a world where artists were trading "blocks." Blocks of all sizes handmade with dies, digital cutters or instructions off youtube videos. What fun these are! Not only are they fun but it is so cool to be able to create a project just for the joy of creating! Then if you so desire you can exchange them with other artists and have a piece created by someone else for you to treasure. I love this idea!

Artists Trading Blocks By Lisa Novogrodski Using The Souvenir Collection

Although it seems the Souvenir collection is for scrapping travel photos I have used it here in an artful way. I LOVED the little chipboard pieces like the plane and word "TRAVEL" which I arranged on my blocks in a collage like manner. BoBunny now has FABULOUS mixed media products. I smeared some glitter paste for sparkle, used the "DOTS" on my Brocade Stencil and I've listed in supplies all the new inks I used. I LOVE the quality of the BoBunny ink pads. They work well with masking, stamping and edging. The little legs on my largest block are spools. I used tissue paper, masked it with the "Brocade" mask and "Emerald" ink  and Pearlescents and then outlined it in a black Pitt pen. Then I used Modge Podge to adhere the tissue paper to the legs.

Artists Trading Blocks By Lisa Novogrodski Using The Souvenir Collection

You can see the way I wrapped the "Travel" word I created around the block. I randomly selected pattern papers and used random stamping to achieve these effects.

Artists Trading Blocks By Lisa Novogrodski Using The Souvenir Collection

I used the "Souvenir" chipboard "You Are Here" on top of one of my blocks. I should also mention I cut my blocks out in a plain black cardstock and then covered it in the beautiful Double Dot Cardstock listed below.

I highly encourage you to get lost in the world of creativity by trying your hand and imagination at a few of these. I would love to see them so don't forget to stop by my blog and let me know how you were inspired!

BoBunny Supplies:
Pattern Paper: Souvenir/Sightseeing, Souvenir, Relax
Double Dot: Wild Berry, Charcoal, Maize Chevron
Chipboard: Souvenir Layered Chipboard, Souvenir 12 x 12 Chipboard
Noteworthy- Souvenir
Buttons- Souvenir
Stickers- Souvenir
Kraft-Wood Mustaches
Stickable Stencils- Brocade
Ink Pads-Blueberry, Licorice, Emerald, Wild Berry
Glitter Paste- Gold
Pearlescents- Island Mist