Friday, December 2, 2016

Kiss the Cook-"Herbs in a Bag" gift idea

Angela - Herbs In A Bag

Hi Everyone,

It's Angela here and hope you're doing great!
Christmas is coming and all my efforts are focused on making gifts for my loved ones.  Today, I'm going to show you all a gift I created for my sweet friend Anna. She loves to cook and cannot live without her herbs!

Herbs In A Bag by Angela Tombari using BoBunny Kiss The Cook Collection

I sewed a linen bag using some leftover fabric from another project, or you can easily find a ready-made bag like this one. I painted it with fabric paint by Pentart, mixing colors and using different shades of blue, I added a touch of sparkling gold to give a festive look and a beautiful flower to enrich the composition.

Herbs In A Bag by Angela Tombari using BoBunny Kiss The Cook Collection
The new Kiss The Cook collection was perfect for my project, so I fussy cut the banner "Happiness is Homemade" from the foil vellum and I glued it with hot glue to the bag.

Herbs In A Bag by Angela Tombari using BoBunny Kiss The Cook Collection

To embellish the packaging, I moved a step further and I added a wood stick with the note "Farm Fresh" and some leaves die cut from the same paper collection.

Herbs In A Bag by Angela Tombari using BoBunny Kiss The Cook Collection

From here, you can fill the bag with fresh herbs as you like it-rosemary, cilantro, basilAs a "craftaholic",  I definitely adore making  presents by myself, and I think Anna will be happy to receive it.
Oh, I almost forgot to show you the usefulness of it! Using the handle of the bag, it can be easily hanged up in the kitchen to have the herbs always ready to use.

Herbs In A Bag by Angela Tombari using BoBunny Kiss The Cook Collection

I hope you like this idea and have as much fun creating your own bag as I did. 

Happy Crafty Christmas to everyone!

BoBunny Supplies:
Papers: 12" Kiss The Cook Foil Vellum, 12" Kiss The Cook Pantry
6 x 6 Paper Pad: Kiss The Cook
Double Dot: Ruby Red Brads
Blossom: Denim Blue Zinnia
Craft Dies: Lovely Leaf Dies
Gold Glitter Paste

Pentart Supplies:
Fabric Paint: Beige, Blueberry

Thursday, December 1, 2016

It's Cookie Time!

Time for a cookie by Ulrika Wandler

Today I'm inviting you to come enjoy some cookies with me! I have used the Kiss the Cook collection and some of the Pentart Fabric Paint on a napkin.  Both were fun and easy to use!

I used some of BoBunnys Stickable Stencils on a cloth napkin. It was perfect to work with when I applied the Pentart Fabric Paint. 
As you can see I also made a napkin ring. The fabric flower on the ring was light yellow to start but I used beige fabric paint on it to make it match.

I also altered an aluminium box, and made a bag topper on my cookie plastic bag.

So, please feel welcome to join me for a cookie and some milk!

BoBunny Supplies:

Patterned Paper: Kiss The Cook / À La Mode, Kiss The Cook, Apple Pie, Baked Fresh
Stickers: Kiss The Cook Combo Sticker
Noteworthy: Kiss The Cook
Brads: Ruby Red Brads
Blossoms: Buttercup Bouquet, Wildberry Bouquet, Natural Earth Pansy
Dot Jewels: Double Dot Mocha Jewels
Stencil: Oh My Stars Stickable Stencil

Pentart Supplies:
Fabric Paint-Red
Fabric Paint-Beige

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hello BoBunny Fans!

It's Denise here today to share my layout, 3 different ways.

One layout 3 ways by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Kiss the Cook and Pentart Dekor Varnishes

The 2nd and 3rd layouts are just degrees of the first page. I added more and more detail to each subsequent version.

Here's each page individually.

One layout 3 ways by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Kiss the Cook and Pentart Dekor Varnishes

I used black gesso and one of our stickable stencils, along with some stamps.  I also used the crackle mediums from Pentart, along with some acrylic paint on the background.

On the 2nd version I added some more noteworthy pieces and some stickers.

One layout 3 ways by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Kiss the Cook and Pentart Dekor Varnishes

On the final version, I added even more stamping, some extra bits and pieces and distress ink splashing to finish.

One layout 3 ways by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Kiss the Cook and Pentart Dekor Varnishes

Here are some close-ups of the final version.

One layout 3 ways by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Kiss the Cook and Pentart Dekor Varnishes

One layout 3 ways by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Kiss the Cook and Pentart Dekor Varnishes

I used the Pentart Dekor varnishes on the wood pieces and then emphasized the cracks with some paint.

One layout 3 ways by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Kiss the Cook and Pentart Dekor Varnishes

One layout 3 ways by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Kiss the Cook and Pentart Dekor Varnishes

I love this photo of my brother.  We as South Africans "braai" rather than "barbeque" and when he was out here last year, he was about to braai these huge t-bones. As I took the photo, he gave me the biggest and cheekiest smile ever.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today.  We hope to see you back tomorrow.

Have a super day!

Denise x

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Kiss the Cook, Delicious, / Kiss the Cook
Stickers:  Combo Sticker/ Kiss the Cook
Noteworthy: Kiss the Cook
Brads: Carnival
Jewels: Double Dot Ruby
Stamps: Stitches, Distressed Textures
Misc Me Journal contents: Kiss the Cook

Stencils: Oh My Stars
Wood Shapes: Iron Works
Pentart: Crackle Varnish Sets, Cracking Paint system - Lichen Green
Gesso: Black

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Recipe Box featuring Kiss the Cook and Pentart Dekor Varnish by Rhonda Van Ginkel

Greetings and welcome to Technique Tuesday here on the blog. I have a recipe box project for you today featuring our Kiss The Cook collection along with a few Pentart products. To begin, I coated the edges with Creamy Acrylic Metallic Red Copper paint.

Once the paint dried, I cut each section of foundation papers and adhered. I simply embellished the layers with some Combo Stickers and a cut element of Misc Me. There is also a bit of stamping and ink splatters applied to the top and sides.

I left the front of the box more clean and simple. Once my stamping was dry, I gave the box two coats of the Pentart Dekor Varnish in Matte. It perfectly sealed the box so now it can be put to use in the kitchen with no worries of splatters or clean up.

I created the floral collage to give the box a bit more dramatic flair for gift giving. It's a small four inch doily, misted with Gold Glimmer Spray, allowed to dry, then scrunched up and pleated to give a small foundation for the flowers.

I used our Lovely Leaf Dies to cut leaves to accent the Blossoms, then added a bit of Chocolate Jewel Flourish for some extra shimmer. You can opt to make it a temporary decoration that can be used again to accent another gift or craft if you want a more streamlined recipe box.

The Pentart Dekor Varnish worked beautifully to seal my papers and stickers to the box. The consistency is less thick than other decoupage products that I have used. It was a faster process and dried fairly quick as well.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: / Kiss The Cook
Stickers: Combo Sticker / Kiss The Cook
Misc Me: Recipe Contents / Kiss The Cook
Blossoms: Wildberry Zinnia, Buttercup Dahlia and Natural Earth Pansy
Glimmer Spray: Bronze and Gold
Pentart Dekor Varnish Matte
Pentart Creamy Acrylic Metallic Paint in Red Copper
Chocolate Flourish Jewels
Lovely Leaf Dies
Doilies: 4" Small
Stamps: It Is Written and Stained Textures

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello My Bo Bunny Friends,

It's my turn today on the Bo Bunny blog and I have had a lot of fun with the beautiful Kiss the Cook Collection.

I have created two Misc Me double layouts to show off the photos of my big boys' birthday party to tell the story of the day. I have photographed the layouts all together in one shot.

Here is the project:  Eat, Drink and Be Happy

The great part of  Misc Me products is it's quick for the time-poor scrapbooker.
I created these double layouts in just 1 hour!

Step 1. Place your photos in the pockets you want to use

Step 2. Pick your pocket cards making sure you will have space for journaling in a few pockets.

Step 3. Grab your Noteworthy, stickers and even your scraps of paper left over from layouts. I had only pieces of the Quilt paper left and used both sides when I layered the clusters. Then, just stick it all down!

Step 4. Journal, Journal, Journal!  I know my memory is spotty and so journaling assures that when we look back at these memories we will know what was so great about that day.

I hope you love my layouts and cant wait to see what you make with your Misc Me pockets!

Stay Scrappy!


BoBunny Supplies:
Misc Me 6x8 pockets
Misc Me Kiss the Cook Recipe Contents
Kiss the Cook Quilt Paper
Kiss the Cook Farm Fresh Paper
Kiss the Cook Noteworthy
Kiss the Cook Combo Stickers
Kiss the Cook Layered Chipboard

Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Cooking Party" with Kiss the Cook collection

Hello My Dears! A crafty welcome to my Cooking Party post with BoBunny today!
I am not a party decorations person at all.  I usually add some flowers, balloons and good vibes to my parties and never really decorate with any proper crafting style.
So, making this post made me think about all good decorations lost in the past and how I am going to make some for the future parties. This Cooking Party should be the first!

So here is a whole bunch of projects made with Kiss the Cook, one of the new BoBunny collections. I also played with some (a lot!) of new Pentart products.  These were used especially to add colors and textures to these projects.
As you can see I made a hanging sign, a standing Home sign, a small standing sign, an altered decorated wooden kitchen board, double sided standing chalkboard and more.   I also added some tags to those cute small milk bottles that are so trendy as drinking glasses.

Here is another shot of the whole collection:

And now let me show you the individual projects and let's see how you can make them at home.
The hanging sign is 3 piece wooden sign that was covered with Pentart Decor Paint Primer. Then I used Lace Stickable Stencil with Structure Paste on the wood; not much is seen after the decoration, but you still can see a bit on the top corner of this piece.  After drying time I painted all three pieces with Pentart Decor Paint Soft Country Green and then covered it with Decor Paint Varnish. Again, it was more for the shiny effect as not much is seen after all.
The whole piece was embellished with Misc Me Kiss the Cook pieces, stickers from Combo stickers and a couple of flowers made with brads.

Now, here is the front side of my double-sided chalkboard.  I left the back side blank to use some chalk for my lists/recipes/etc.
This piece was already painted, but if not- Pentart Chalkboard paint works very nicely and can be used for this matter. 
I added some paper strips, made the title and added a more few stickers and a piece of foil vellum.
The smallest possible gold dots around the vellum piece and over the arrow were made with this most delicate (useful!) Gold Contour Liner.

The bare wooden kitchen board was painted in the same way as the previous piece (Primer- Dekor Paint-Varnish) and I used the same  Lace stencil over it, but again, when it was embellished, not much of the paint is seen. It just gives a nice subtle pattern overlay to complete the look.

I used paper cuts and Misc Me piece to embellish this board. The sentiment over the Misc Me card "Happiness is licking the spoon" was my inspiration for this altered old kitchen spoon.

It had light green plastic handle and was silver color that were not a good fit for my project. So with a little help of my painty friends (aka Pentart products) I changed the colors to this red and gold and the spoon was just PERFECT!

First, I covered the plastic part with Acrylic Primer and then painted in this primitive, not so accurate way, with Red Creamy Acrylic. The silver part was painted with Gold Liquid Metal paint.  Believe me, this is the best ever paint for metals! Fast dry and full coverage in just a few seconds will make any metal piece shiny gold, or silver or copper. Just pick your paint and go!

The "Home" wooden sign was painted in the same way as two previous pieces and embellished mostly with stickers. I decided to make this red dotted matting to help this light piece to stand out.

And now to the small pieces I made with some left overs that were already on my crafty table.
I added a small sticker over the black office clips and made a nice cluster for the stickers, paper and vellum.  Using BoBunny Tags dies I added  tags to those small milk bottles.

I hope that you like my party bonanza and hope that you will try to make some Cooking Party crafts too.

BoBunny Supplies:
Kiss the Cook Quilt cardstock- 20801816
Kiss the Cook A la Mode cardstock- 20801807
Kiss the Cook cardstock-20801806
Kiss the Cook Baked Fresh-20801809
Kiss the Cook Delicious- 20801811
Kiss the Cook Foil Vellum Paper -20801818
Misc Me Kiss the Cook Recipe Contents - 20826846
Kiss the Cook Noteworthy-20813821
Kiss the Cook Combo stickers-20803819
Buttercup Bouquet- 11111446
Double Dot Citrus Jewels-11707522
Double Dot Tuxedo Jewels-11707527
Double Dot Ruby Red Brads-12704748
Glitter Paste Ruby Red-12740481
Lace Stickable Stencils-10736512
Lots of Love Stickable Stencil-10736457
Nested Terrific Tag dies-12839175

Pentart Supplies:
Primer for Dekor Paint
Dekor Paint Soft Country Green
Decor Varnish Silky Shine
Creamy Acrylic Semi-Gloss Paint Red
Acrylic Primer
Contour Liner Gold
Liquid Metal Gold
Structure Paste