Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Previews! First up- Rose Café

 Doesn't this beautiful line make you want to sit at your corner café with a nice warm beverage? Mmm, I can smell the coffee already! Perfect for documenting any occasion. We used it to scrapbook The full lives of Amy Tadeo's cute grandparents.

Embellishments- check out our NEW Stamp Sticker sheets-32 stamps in each pack!

Leave a comment if you want to WIN some Rose Café goodies to document your own lives. What will you choose to scrapbook with this line?

Plus come back tomorrow to see more new products!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Wild Card Tissue Box Holders

Fashion AND function! What a fun way to dress up those tissues!

Tissue Box Holders by Amy Voorthuis

Hi BoBunny Fans! It's Amy here today, to share with you, my wild card photo tutorial.

I've been dealing with a huge cold the last three weeks. I thought why not make my Tissues a bit nicer to look at since I've been using them 24/7?!

I really love how masculine the Wild Card collection is! Now I will show you how to make these holders to keep your tissues in.

First you start with having all your tools together, two pair scissors, bone folder {or score pal}, ruler, sticky tape, some other kind of glue you prefer, a pencil & a eraser.

Then you trace the outside of the box with your pencil, the size of the box is for a normal pack of tissues or Kleenex! The biggest rectangle is 2,15 inch by 4,25 inch & the ones next to it are 0,95 inch by 4,25 inch the rest of the sizes are 0,95 inch by 2,15 inch.

Now it's time to fold the pencil stripes with your score pal or bone folder and decide which side of the paper you want to use. For me it doesn't really matter because I will use papers from the Wild Card collection.

Use some sticky tape on your fold parts and you can make a box now, you see I used just two pieces of sticky tape the rest I will glue down with my glue roller.

There is your box

You also need to make one more piece that you can cut up if you want to use patterned paper like me.

So you can trace that with a pencil too, I used two different patterned papers for both large pieces, shown in the picture below.

The backside of my tissue boxes, you can alter them anyway you'd like with any kind of BoBunny papers that makes your heart happy.

I hope you all like my tutorial and you will give it a try on making these. They are super easy and a lot of fun. If you want to know more on how to make these you can visit my blog and ask me or just ask me here on the BoBunny blog I will answer asap.

BoBunny Supplies:
6 x 6 Paper Pad: Wild Card
Cardstock: Chiffon, Island Mist, Charcoal Chevron/Double Dot
Stickers: Combo Sticker/Wild Card
Noteworthy: Wild Card
Brads: Wild Card
Buttons: Wild Card
Chipboard: Wild Card
Craft Wood: Gears, Shapes Camera
Stamps: Distressed Textures, Inline Alpha, Stitches,To The Point
Glimmer Spray: Gold
Ink Pad: Licorice, Blueberry

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wonderful Wildcard!

Wonderful, wonderful Wildcard! This fun line is perfect for all those guys in your life!

Remember This Misc Me by Irene Tan

Remember This 12x12 Misc Me by Irene Tan using BoBunny Wild Card Collection

Hello BoBunny fans! Today is my turn to share another Misc Me project with you all. This time, I've been assigned to use the masculine and fun "Wild Card" collection. The design and colors in this line are perfect for these photographs of Ryan while he is creating a model car.

Remember This 12x12 Misc Me by Irene Tan using BoBunny Wild Card Collection

Remember This 12x12 Misc Me by Irene Tan using BoBunny Wild Card Collection

After picking out my choice of pocket designs for these two pages, I used the Misc Me Wild Card Journal Contents to layout the combinations. Then, I used some papers from the "Wild Card" 6 x 6 paper pad to create layers in some of these pockets. Of course, I can't stop here without adding some stamping using BoBunny's new "Captured" stamp.

Remember This 12x12 Misc Me by Irene Tan using BoBunny Wild Card Collection

To add colors on these wood gears, I've used BoBunny's new pearlescents and glitter paste. The pearlescents are a great medium to add colors to these wood surfaces. Simply apply a few dots on its surface and spread it out using a brush or palette knife. For textures, I've applied some gold glitter paste on them.
Remember This 12x12 Misc Me by Irene Tan using BoBunny Wild Card Collection

In the closeup above, I used the new BoBunny stencils and sprays to add details and create layers. I've had so much fun playing with BoBunny's new line of mixed media products. They are so easy to use and perfect for most projects!

BoBunny Supplies:
Stickers: Wild Card Combo Stickers
Noteworthy: Wild Card
Brads: Wild Card
Chipboard:Wild Card Layered Chipboard, Wild Card Chipboard
Stamps: Captured
6 x 6 Paper Pad: Wild Card
Lace: Denim Blue
Misc Me Binder: Black 12 x 12
Misc Me Page Protector: 12 x 12 Page Protector Variety Pack
Misc Me Contents: Wild Card Journal Contents
Wood: Kraft Wood Gears
Washi Tapes: Black & White Patterned, Kraft Patterned
Dot Jewels: Blue Hues
Pearlescent: Chocolate
Ink Pad: Licorice
Glimmer Spray: Sugar, Bronze
Glitter Paste: Gold
Stencils: Brocade

Saturday, September 27, 2014

More Mixed Media Fun!

If you've ever been a little nervous to try mixed media, now is the time to do it! Our mixed media is so much fun, you won't want to miss out!

My Guy LAYOUT - Romy

Today it is my turn to show you a layout that I made using a mixture of different mixed media. I have to admit that I do not make mixed media lay-outs very often, because I'm often a bit scared that something will go wrong. But while I was working on this layout with the new glitter pastes, inks, stamps and sprays from BoBunny, I realized that working with mixed media is actually a whole lot of fun! They can give your layouts just that little bit extra and are also perfect for giving layouts a vintage twist.

On this layout I used the wonderful Wild Card and Souvenir collections and some mixed media to make a masculine layout about my boyfriend.

My Guy Scrapbook Page by Romy Veul using BoBunny Wild Card Collection

The mixed media accents on this layout are mainly in the corners of my layout. In each corner I did some stamping and used the Stickable Stencil 'Brocade' with the glitter pastes and gesso to create a nice pattern. I also sprayed with the Bronze glimmer spray for a glitter finishing touch.

I also used the Glimmer Sprays to add color to the wood embellishments, so they would match the colors of my layout better.

My Guy Scrapbook Page by Romy Veul using BoBunny Wild Card Collection 2

In the middle of my layout, I did some paper layering with papers in different colours and with different patterns. I also layered some chipboard pieces on top of each other and clustered them in the corners of my photo.

My Guy Scrapbook Page by Romy Veul using BoBunny Wild Card Collection 3

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Papers: Wild Card, Dominos, Drive, Shuffle/ Wild Card; Sightseeing/ Souvenir
Double Dot Cardstock: Decaf Chevron
Chipboard: Wild Card Chipboard, Souvenir Layered Chipboard
Noteworthy: Souvenir
Wood Shapes: Iron Works, That's Life
Stickable Stencils: Brocade
Large Stamps: Geometric Patterns, Stained Textures
Glitter Paste: Gold
Ink Pad: Licorice
Glimmer Spray: Bronze

I hope I have inspired you to also take out your masks, glitter sprays, stamps and inks from Bo Bunny to work on your own mixed media lay-out. I promise you that it will result in a lot of fun and a wonderful project.

Have a great day! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mixed Media & Misc Me Perfection!

Our mixed media makes this lovely Misc Me album look like a work of art! Cleverly combining two of our gorgeous lines Solange makes this masterpiece look effortless!

MISC ME 12x12 - Solange

I truly love mixed media and today I'll share with you more one Misc Me using mixed media.

The new BoBunny products for mixed media are amazing!!! Glimmer spray, Pearlescents,masks, pastes and ink pads....I love all of them!!

I started to organize my travel photos and Misc Me is perfect for this because it is very practical and I can use several photos.

I love to travel and in my last vacation we travelled to Fortaleza, Brazil. It is a wonderful place with fantastic landscapes, lovely people and delicious foods.

I used the new BoBunny collection Madeleine and Primrose.

On this beach, the landscape is formed by cliffs near the sea. forming a unique and amazing view.

Here  I used several masks with modeling paste and I used glimmer sprays

Some close ups:

I melt the photo on the background using gesso and acrylic paints.

BoBunny supplies:
Patterned Paper: Grace, Happines, Exquisite/ Madeleine
Stickers : Madeleine Combo Sticker
Noteworthy: Primrose
Buttons: Madeleine
Brads: Madeleine
Jewels: Citrus Jewels
Stamps: Stitches stamp, Romance stamp.
6 x 6 Paper Pad:Madeleine, Primrose
Misc Me12x12 Binder: Primrose
Misc Me Journal Contents:Madeleine
Masks: Brocade Stickable
Pearlescents: Blush
Glimmer Spray: Bronze, Frost, Gold
Ink Pad: Licorice

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Magical Altered Notebook!

This gorgeous sparkly notebook is to die for! BoBunny Mixed Media ads the perfect touch of 'magic' to this project!
Altered Notebook by Ilene Tell
Altered Notebook Mixed Media Project by Ilene Tell using BoBunny Enchanted Garden Collection
I was thrilled when I found out that BoBunny came out with all the mixed media supplies and mediums, and my hands were itching for the chance to put them to good use. I was lucky enough that one of my first assignments was for a mixed media project, and that was all the motivation I needed! I had altered a notebook before, a couple years ago, and it was so much fun - to turn something so ordinary into a work of art that was also practical and usable was really amazing. A beautiful cover on a notebook really pulls you and makes you want to fill it up with all sorts of secrets. Why spend $10 to $20 at a bookstore on a journal when you can take a $1 notebook and personalize it and make it be exactly what you want it to be? Added bonus is that when it's all full, you keep it forever. And these notebooks make the best gifts!
Altered Notebook Mixed Media Project by Ilene Tell using BoBunny Enchanted Garden Collection
I used pretty much all the new mixed media supplies to create this... that always makes it more fun :) I really loved working with the new Glitter Paste in conjunction with the new stencils - that's how I got the beautiful, raised, glittered script writing on the bottom of the cover. I also used the new Pearlescents to add the little dots on the bird fountain for some fun details.
Altered Notebook Mixed Media Project by Ilene Tell using BoBunny Enchanted Garden Collection
I also used the new stencils up top, along with the Glitter Paste, to create the sparkly dots, and stencils with the Glimmer Spray for the color and the slight doily pattern that's visible.
Steps to Create Altered Notebook:
1. Choose a good quality notebook - don't use the really flimsy 15 cent ones. Make sure you get one with a thick enough cover to take some abuse. The original brand name Mead ones work well.
2. Cover with white gesso, including the binding.
3. Add chosen paper and glue it down.
4. File along the edges to trim excess paper and file some of the gesso off the binding.
5. Add BoBunny washi tape along the binding. Add a strong glue to secure it well.
6. Decorate - use the new stencils, along with the Glimmer Sprays, Glimmer Pastes, inks, Pealescents, etc for an artsy effect.
Tip: To create a fade-out effect when using stencils with Glimmer Pastes, simply tap at the edges of the design with your finger while the paste is still wet to blend it out.
7. Decorate with the details - embellishmets, dot jewels, wood embellishments, etc. BoBunny is also great for fussy cutting elements out to add to your project - I did a lot of that here, using a few different collections.
8. Depending on the final effect, mist over the finished piece with a little more of the Glimmer Spray to blend everything in - this is especially useful if you do use a few different collections and want to harmonize the overall look.
BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Enchanted Garden / Moonlight, Pixies; Somewhere in Time / Imagination, Timeless; Madeline / Grace
Dot Jewels: Aqua
Washi Tape: Baby Bump
Wood Shapes: That's Life
Stickable Stencils: Lace, Brocade
Pearlescents: Island Mist
Glimmer Spray: Frost
Glimmer Paste: Silver