Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jingle All The Way!

It's a magical time of the year! I love the wonder and "matter of fact-ness" that comes from our children when they've written their letters to Santa. Abby has written her letter, on the stationery I made using BoBunny's "Santa Dear" acrylic stamp, featured some time ago on this blog.

BoBunny's St. Nick collection inspired this door hanger, which Abby has already hung on our living room door. For years now, I have had a myriad of jingle bells strung on a simple piece of heavy guage wire, bent into a circle. On Christmas eve, I help Santa set out the presents. Just before going to bed I quietly jingle the bells, thinking that perhaps our little ones will hear them in their sleep and dream of Christmas magic. Granted, no one has told me they've heard the bells, but I have fun doing it anyhow, and have no plans to stop jingling the bells on Christmas eve.

This year, however, my set of "Santa Stops Here" jingle bells is much more fashionable - a keepsake worthy of being handed down to our children when they have their own little ones someday.

A St. Nick cut-out was used to add shape and style around the door knob.

It seems every time I use the wonderful, vintage "Santa Dear" stamp I am finding different mediums to color it in. This time around I used Liquid Applique to create puffy cuffs on Santa's suit and hat.

Sparkle mod podge not only added shimmer to the Tis the Season tree cut out, but served as an adhesive base to add tiny gem "ornaments."

BoBunny Supplies Used:
St. Nick Collection: Mistletoe paper, Combo Sticker (alpha), Cut Outs, Time of Wonder cardstock sticker, flowers, Buttons and Bling
Tis the Season patterned papers, Cut Outs, Combo Sticker (alpha)
Cardstock: Almond Double Dot
Santa Dear Acrylic Stamp
Ribbon: Wildberry Double Dot

If you would like a step by step how to for this project, please visit my blog.


  1. Oh this is just lovely!! What a wonderful decoration to pass down through the years!!

  2. Your project is absolutely beautiful Rita! And I say keep jingling those bells too! I love that!!! Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. I love this door hanger - and how you plan to use it! It is a keepsake that will definitely stand the test of time! Thanks for the inspiration - beautiful!

  4. Thia ia lovely! A true family tradition piece to pass on to your children for their children! But you may have to make multiples! :<)

    Barbara Diane

  5. so neat.. we definitely need to make one

  6. HOw beautiful! What a family treasure to pass down!

  7. Too cute. I am inspired to do these for the grandkids. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I just LOVE this, Rita! Definitely something your children will cherish!

  9. Super cute door knob project! I love the use of bells on the bottom!

  10. How beautiful.... I just love the project!

  11. Love the new look for the holidays. Great projects:)