Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Create an accordion medallion

Hello! Kristen here with a little tutorial for you on making an accordion fold so that you can make an accordion medallion. I used Bobunny's Kitchen Spice collection to make my card.

You will need:
A card blank
a scoring blade and ruler or Scor It board
glue dots
various papers/etc for your card.

First you will cut a 12x2 inch strip of paper.
Then you will score at 1/8 inch increments down the entire 12 inch strip.

Every other score, you will flip the paper, so that you will score the front, then the back and so on with your scoring.


When the entire strip is scored, gently fold the paper along the scores back and forth, in accordion style.

When the paper has been folded, take each end, apply a thin strip of glue and glue them together. Let dry a few minutes, then gently force the paper to fan out by pushing gently down at the same time on the bottom, while gathering the folds together at the top. This takes some practice, but will eventually come together.
Then add glue dots to a small scrap of paper, and place over the center point of the accordion.

You can now place your accordion on your card, as I have done here. I usually place something in the middle of the accordion to cover over the middle, so that the glue dots do not show.


 Bobunny Products used- Kitchen Spice- Rosemary, Nutmeg, Cloves, and Anastasia Rubons, Flutter Butter Combo Stickers



  1. Very pretty Kristin!! I especially love the cut out in the center - really sets the medallion off!

  2. This is a beautiful card. Thank you for the technique.

  3. Love this project Kristen!!! Thanks so much! ;-)

  4. This is so pretty! thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Kristen... I love that medallion...
    Thanks for the tutorial. I can't wait to make these!
    Way cute project.

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  7. Kristen this is just brilliant love it !!

  8. Love this idea. Thank you.

  9. Wow! That is lovely. I just had to try it. My fingers would not fold at 1/8 inches so I cut the strip of paper to 1 1/4 inches wide and folded at 1/4 inches. I was successful. Thank you for a new card idea.

  10. Wow! Love your medallion! Your card looks fantastic. I will definitely give this a try. Thanks so much for a great tutorial.

  11. Gorgeous card Kristin! Love the medallion, going to give this technique a try! Thanks for sharing.

  12. oooooooohhhhh I LIKE that! I love techniques that involve creating your own embellishments and flowers! And an excuse to buy another tool..

  13. TFS!! I made a card using this technique yesterday. I really had a lot of fun making it. You can view it on my blog at http://www.dadoodlediva.blogspot.com/