Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get to know Debbie...

1) Tell us about yourself and your family?

Stuart and I have been together for 15 years. We live in the UK with our 4 boys, Benjamin, Scott, Jacob and Ethan. We are due a little girl on the 29th of April – yep that’s tomorrow and I am SO looking forward to playing with pink supplies a lot more! *lol can you tell this was pre scheduled incase i was in hospital! Evie was born on the 14th of April weighing 5lb 11oz and is our perfect little princess*

2) How did you start scrapbooking?

I was looking for ideas on how to make birth announcements and stumbled across a Two Peas in a Bucket – I was well and truly hooked from that first night!

3) How long have you been scrapbooking?

That first night was just over 7 years ago and I love it more now than I ever have!

4) What’s your favorite vacation spot?

In my dreams you can give me a beach, a cold drink, a good book and some peace and quiet – that’s my favorite kind of holiday! As for favorite spot I think it would have to be Disneyland Paris, more for the look on kids faces when they see the magic of it all.

5) How would you describe your style?

Hmmm, not really sure on that one. I seem to have phases where I like lots of inking, other phases where I tear edges a lot. Right now I love co-ordinating papers and making my own embellishments – I suppose it keeps it all fresh and looking through my albums you wouldn’t think they were all made by me! Lol

6) How do you feel about journaling? A lot, a little?

I always try to journal, even if its just a little and hidden – I think it means a lot to know the memories behind the photographs.

7) Do you have a favorite color? Do you feel it plays an influence in your scrapping?

I am a true girly girl so love all pinks but with having boys I haven’t really had a chance to indulge this in my scrapbooks – that’s all about to change ;)

8) Do you have your own scrapspace? Share a pic…tell us about it.

Nope but I wish I did! UK houses are notoriously smaller than the USA counterparts so with 5 children to cater for we really do struggle for space! I currently have a section of our kitchen that I as my scrapspace and it works for me as its one of my favourite rooms.

9) What would be your idea dinner or dessert? Or both! LOL

Mmmm ideal dinner is made by someone else, why is it that food we haven’t cooked ourselves always tastes better! Lol As much as I love cooking its always nice to be cooked for!

10) Share your favorite photo and tell us what makes it your favorite?

Instead of picking a family photo to share i was going through my pictures and found this one that made me smile - this was a day or so after i mastered crocheting! LOL I never thought i would get the hang of it but when i did it kind of took on a life of its own so im rather proud of this photo! lol

11) What or where do you go for inspiration?

I have a huge long list of blogs that I love to visit and I love Facebook as people seem to always update it with their new projects etc. The Bo Bunny blog is a huge favourite too as it has some of my favourite people all in one place! J

12) How do you start working? Sketch, supplies, photos..

Generally with a rush of inspiration! Lol Most of the time its with my supplies as I will see a paper I love and work the photos around them and print them out as I go.

13) What’s your favorite Bo Bunny layout or project?

I love my mini books and I think Flower Girl 2009 is my favourite! It has lots of photos of my 2 sisters and captures a charity night that my mum hosted last year for Cancer Research UK. My dad passes away just over 2 years ago from the awful disease so it was nice to give something back. The album is a fun way of looking back on something that brought us all closer together.

14) What is your favorite Bo Bunny product to work with?

I really cant just pick one! Everything co-ordinates so well and you cant help but want to dive in headfirst when you see the whole ranges together! At the minute I have a thing for the Sophie and Jazmyne lines – Jazmyne has so much glitter on EVERYTHING *swoon*!!

15) What other crafts to you enjoy? Or hobbies?

Anyone who has visited my blog will know I have a love of cooking and anything ‘homey’. Im a real shabby chic chick and love scouring for bargains and sale items!

16) Any advice to someone who is just starting scrapbooking?

Enjoy the process! I think the best thing I could say is don’t stress about putting pages together – its paper and glue!! In this day and age photographs can be printed again and again so if you make a mistake – start again (or cover it with a flower – that always works too!!) ;)


  1. Congratulations on your new little girl....

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! It has been so good to get to know you better and I really can't wait to see what fun 'girly' pages you will get to create of your daughter!!!

  3. Congratulations on your new baby girl!!! Have fun using pink in your layouts.

  4. It was great learning even more about you Debbie!!!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments everyone :D