Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's a LOVE THANG....

We are so excited to share an amazing mini album with you today....

Our cute Mireille Divjak created this fun album for her friend that is getting married next week.

Mireille said: "I always love the "love is" cartoons and quotes when I was younger. 
Thought it would be fun to add them to this album."

quote page 1:
Love is...finding he has a high "kissability" factor
quote page 2:
Love is... being attached by his magnetic personality

quote page 3:
Love is... encouraging his attentions
quote page 4:
Love is... a sign spring can't be far away

quote page 5: 
love is.. looking forward to apres ski
quote page 6:
Love is.. the reason were here on earth

quote page 7:
Love is... two people sharing one heart
quote page 8:
Love is...thanking her for coming into your life

quote page 9:
Love is.. bring out the best in each other
quote page 10:
Love is.. when your future is crystal clear

Thanks Mireille!!!


  1. Love the mini....sooooo super cute.

  2. this is just so sweet! Adore this!

  3. What an amazing mini!! I looooooove the colors...
    - April W

  4. What a great and thoughtful gift...and I love the quotes.

  5. Wow, that is absolutely amazing, Mireille! It is so full of love: not only the pictures do show a lot of love, but the album alwyas shows that there's a lot of love put into it:)

  6. Great mini , I collected all the Love is ( i still have a book full) maybe a future project?
    thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Absolutely love the mini album. Love is.... spectacular!

  8. Wow Mireille what a beautiful and sweet album!!!

  9. Ilove this mini Mireille! It's so sweet!