Monday, January 3, 2011

Photography 101 - Photo Editing

Happy New Year EVERYONE!

It has been a while since we last did a photography tip.

I was thinking...
the holidays are gone, and we have LOADS of 
fun pictures just waiting to be printed and scrapped. 

How about some easy editing tips that
 can be done in most photo editing software.  

(we used photoshop)

Here is our beginning photo.

Already a great photo RIGHT?!

Well with a few simple steps, we can make it even better.
Lets get started.

Lets talk

Find your levels 
In photoshop it is under the menu image/adjustments.

Simply move the levels bar on both sides in 20. Like above. THATS IT!

Just look at the results...

We took a great photo to AMAZING in seconds.

If your photo editing software doesn't have Levels, here's another simple trick.

Lets play with 
In Photoshop, its is also under images/adjustments

Simply change the Brightness and Contrast by 20 like above and voilá!

Here is the before and after side by side.


Give it a try!

Hope you have a great Monday!


  1. Thanks so much for the great tips. I'll be trying this out!

  2. Wow, what a difference! I use a program called Picnik, it's online (so no downloading to your computer) and it's FREE. Another great tip is to utilize the Macro feature on your camera. Notice how in your original photo the background is blury ... that can be achieved by using the maco (little flower on most cameras) and focusing on the subject, in this case the beautiful angel ;O) You get a nice sharp image of what you want and all the background 'stuff' is blurred out.

    Enjoy and keep posting photography tips, I LOVE it!!


  3. This is really amazing... I definitely gonna try it!
    Hugs Ingrid

  4. What a wonderful tip and I definitely am going to try that out. Now just to get a copy of PSE.

  5. Thanks for the tips. You have a gorgeous model by the the way.

  6. great tips! I also love playing with curves in PS ;)

  7. I love that you do photog tips once in a while. Thank you!

  8. Thank You for the great tip!! I'll try this !! Happy New Year!!

  9. Thanks for this great tip! The new photo looks amazing!

  10. Thanks for the great tip - and she's such a beauty!!!!

  11. That is a good tip! I never knew which numbers worked best! is another easy to use free download that is similar to Photoshop for those of you who may not have the Adobe goodies. :0)

  12. Great tips! I know I can always use some help in getting my photo's looking better!! thanks!

  13. I use The GIMP (I don't have Photoshop) and I use the same tips to have better pictures without difficulty!


  14. thanks for the tip, i'm always looking for ways to punch up my pictures! thanks again