Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tutorial Thursday

Kathleen Glossop shares her fabulous idea, using Bo Bunny Wraps and Trims.....

She makes me melt

Kathleen says "I adore playing around with fabric and trims and all things messy, and this flower is no exception....I had glittery red (sticky) hands by the end, so be warned!"

Here's the page I popped my creation on...

Sparkly eh??! And here's how I did it...First up, you'll need Bo Bunny's White Rose trim. Cut off one rosette, trim off the tuille, and spray lightly with a misting spray...

Next use some clear glue or Dimensional Magic, spread it over the flower...

Before the glue dries sprinkle some fine glitter over the flower...

You'll need Bo Bunny's Pink Ruffle wraps for the next step. Take the pink ruffle and cut off a strip 10 ruffles long, trim off the last ruffle to leave a small strip where the stitching sits (this prevents one side from being raised up where the ruffles would sit on top of each other), then staple the ruffle in a circle...

Pop a small amount of red alcohol ink into a shallow dish and dab the ruffles edges gently - the ink will absorb quickly so you really dont need much at all...

Drag the glittered rosette lightly over the alcohol ink...

And finally use glue or Dimensional Magic to adhere the rosette to the ruffle...

Voila! Hope you like, oh and remember to keep some wet wipes nearby....I learnt my lesson

Thank SO much for this awesome tutorial, Kathleen!
I think I'll go and give this a try!
See you all again tomorrow :0)


  1. awesome for those of us who don't sew

  2. The flower turned out fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. very cute....thanks for sharing

  4. Great tuttorial. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Love this flower and great tutorial. I am so inspired!!

  6. fab job with that flower!!! looks amazing!!! thanks so much for the tutorial!

  7. What a beautiful flower. I can't wait to try this tutorial

  8. WOW so amazing the whole layout !!! love the flower so cool!!!

  9. So beautiful! Thanks for the step by step!!

  10. i adore the red flowers. makes it look more enchanting.

  11. It's great! Congratulation and thanks!