Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Focus On...

Bloom by Janis Medina
Supplies Used: Vicki B. Collection - - Papers (Bazzillion, Fabuloso, Buh-Bye, Bubbly, Perky, Stripe, Cut Outs), Combo Sticker, Chipboards, Layered Chipboards, Dimensional Stickers, Trinkets, Jewels, Buttons, Petals, Wraps, Brads.

Bloom by Tara Orr
Supplies Used: Vicki B Patterned paper: Fabulouso, Stripe, Bazzillion, Vicki B Chipboard, Vicki B Noteworthy
Vicki B Cut Outs, Vicki B Brads, Vicki B Buttons, Vivki B Jewels, Vicki B Combo Stickers

Bloom Where You Are Planted
by Mireille Divjak
Supplies Used: Vicky B. Patterned paper, *Bazillion * loverly *vicky b., Vicky B. cutouts, Vicky B. chipboard, Vicky B. wraps, Vicky B. Trinkets, Vicky B. jewels, Vicky B. brads

Designer's Notes: I used the wrapping / backing paper from the wraps as a piece of "patterned paper" on the right side of the small picture and to punch my butterflies. Loved that it's more firm, the decorative border and the smaller flower pattern.

Vicki B. Card Set
by Debbie Sherman

Supplies Used:Vicki B. Card Kit,Double Dot ribbon Orange Citrus, Double Dot Kiwi Dot,Vicki B. 12V721,Vicki Combo Stickers,and Vicki B. Rub-on.

Isn't She Lovely by Tara Orr
Supplies Used: Vicki B Noteworthy, Vicki B Cutouts, Vicki B Jewels, Vicki B Wraps, Vicki B Combo Stickers, Vicki B Brads, Vicki B Patterned Paper: Fabulouso, Floweret, Loverly, Buh, Bye, Perky.

Vicki B. Decorative Boxes by Jolanda Meurs
Supplies Used: Bo Bunny Vicki B Card Kit, Bo Bunny Vicki B Trinkets, Bo Bunny Vicki B Layered Chipboard
Bo Bunny Vicki B Stripe, Bo Bunny Vicki B Bubbly, Bo Bunny Vicki B Loverly

Life is Good by Gabrielle Pollacco
Supplies Used: Patterned Paper ~ VB Plethoria Die cut, VB Perky, Kiwi Stripe Double dot, Noteworthy Vicky B., Vicky B. Chipboard, VB Dimensional Stickers, VB Combo Stickers, VB Jewels, VB Petals, VB Wraps

Simply Beautiful...Happy Wednesday!


  1. janis's first layout is my fave here. i'm in love with that bazillion paper. i'm hoarding mine, lol.

  2. Love it all ladies! Amazing work as usual!

  3. Beautiful projects! I can't wait to play with the Vicki B collection myself!!!

  4. Beautiful and colorful layouts!!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  6. Bo Bunny has really stepped up thier paper lines..I just got Gabriel and TimePiece...this feminine cute paper is NEXT in the list. Thanks for such amazing craft products!

  7. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee all of these! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)