Monday, February 18, 2013

February Blog Class Week 3

Alright guys, let's continue on with our Snow Day box. This week it's compartment three with a tag and cute mini. Here's the video

This week you'll need Snow Day Drifts, Flurries, Mittens, Sledding, Ocean DD, and Sunflower DD.

The pages of your mini album go-
Pg 1- Mittens(front) Drifts(back)
Pg 2- Sunflower, Drifts
Pg 3- Avocado, Drifts
Pg 4- Sunflower, Drifts
Pg 5- Avocado, Drifts
Pg 6- Sunflower, Mittens

Questions, comments? Let us know how your box is coming along. Has anyone found some cool boxes to stash their Snow Day fun in? Leave us a comment here or post pics on Facebook! We love to see what you do with our products and we're always in need of new ideas.


  1. Love love love!! LOVING how you did the pleats!!

  2. wow amazing video love it the handmade album

  3. I'm having a blast with this kit and creating things I never thought that I could do. Thank you for the confidence boost!

  4. Can you please post dimensions of all pages including scoring dimensions. Thank you