Friday, June 21, 2013

All about Dad!! & Announcing Our 1st Winner!!

We're still celebrating Father's around here...
Today's layouts are all about dad.

There's just a look that comes across in photos of people
young and old when they are with their dad.
It's indescribable.
It makes me smile!  
You can feel the love and bond and relationship the two people have.

Just goes to show... it's true what 'they' say:
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Family togetherness

by Jolanda Meurs
 "I made this for my Dad. I gave it to him on Father's day. 

As he is the best Dad you could wish for."
 BoBunny Supplies:

Patterned papers: Trail Mix Mountain Air/Botany
Paper pad 6 x 6:Trail mix
Combo stickers:Trail mix and Alora
Cardstock stickers: Trail Mix
Jewels: Trail Mix

Smile Dad 
by Juliana Michaels

 BoBunny Supplies:

Patterned Paper: Sidelighting, Focus, Oh Snap/Mama-razzi 2; Nation/Anthem
Chipboard: Mama-razzi 2 Layered Chipboard
Stickers: Mama-razzi 2 Super Dad Cardstock Stickers
Jewels: Mama-razzi 2
Buttons: Mama-razzi 2
Chipboard: Mama-razzi 2 12 x 12 Chipboard
Noteworthy: Mama-razzi 2

North South East and West, 
Dad U R the Very Best

By Carin McDonough

BoBunny Supplies:
 Patterned Paper: Bird Watching, Field Journal, Lakeside Retreat, Woodland Picnic, Stripe/Trail Mix

Stamps: Trailmix; Wall to Wall Textures Stamp
Chipboard: 12x12 Chipboard/Trail Mix
Stickers: Combo Stickers, Camping Cardstock Sticker, 
Dimensional Sticker/Trail Mix
Brads: Trail Mix
Petals : Hello Sunshine

Me and My Daddy

By Sarah Eclavea

BoBunny Supplies: 

Patterned Paper: Balance, Contrast, Strike a Pose/ Mama-razzi2
Chipboard: 12x12 Chipboard/ Mama-razzi2
Stickers: Super Dad Cardstock Sticker, Combo Sticker/ Mama-razzi2; Combo Sticker/ Little Miss
Jewels: Mama-razzi2
Buttons: Love Letters
Rubons: Mama-razzi2

Just a couple fun ideas:

~Don't forget to capture dad when he thinks no one is looking,
and he's playing dress up with his daughter or rocking out with
his boys on rockband.

~A photo when daddy & child fall asleep snuggling is priceless.

~Dad's tend to take a backseat a lot of the time, take photos
of them doing things they love... in their man cave, on the golf course,
tinkering in the garage or doing yard work.

You'll never be sorry you took lots of photos of your dad!


Ronda Cook from Owensville, Missouri 

Please send us your mailing information to so we can send you your prize!

Be sure to check back MONDAY to see if you are the next winner!

Enjoy your day!


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