Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Retailer Feature: Crafty Wood Cutouts & October Challenge!

What a Wonderful Wednesday! We are happy to introduce you to our friends from Orem, Utah the ladies at Crafty Wood Cutouts!
What is Crafty Wood Cutouts?
Crafty Wood Cutouts (CWC) is a store and a network for crafters to get together. At CWC, we offer many different types of craft classes and parties and ways for friends and families to get together and craft. The main products at CWC are the unfinished wood crafts. However, we do carry a ton of different crafting supplies from paper, paint, supplies, embellishments, etc.
Candace & Megan are the brains of the whole company.Here’s a picture of the two girls having fun as usual.

Why We Started Crafty Wood Cutouts
Candace and Megan have always loved to craft and do fun things together. This is why they started CWC. They had other friends that did crafts and they started doing crafts together. They also have husbands that are entrepreneurs and wanted to start a new business. So with the business and marketing skills of their husbands and their love to craft, that’s how this all got started.

What is Unique about CWC
So many crafters and scrapbookers love to go to the big companies but when you want something specific it is sometimes hard to find it there. For example, most large stores only have one aisle of unfinished wood crafts, we have an entire store of that.

 CWC is a great way for Candace and Megan to show others how to have fun doing something they can love as well… Crafting!!!

Here are some of our fun BoBunny Projects!

Our unfinished wood crafts allow you to get the words/designs you love and make it look how you want it to. Finish the crafts to go perfectly with the decor and feel of your home.
Of course we help you decorate your house for every month and holiday.

For more inspiration click Here!

Check us out and say hi online and at our social media sites!

Thank you ladies! CWC has an incredible selection! They have a beautiful store and great projects! Make sure you check out their website and social media for more info and updates about their store!

Wait, wait there is more for today! For you ladies who like to win prizes...Here is another opportunity to win a $150 BoBunny prize!

Ask your favorite local scrapbook store if they are participating and for more details!
If you don't have a local store you can participate and buy a kit online!

It's really fun and easy! You buy the kit, you make a one page layout with the items in your kit, show your store a picture of the layout, your store turns in a WINNER to BoBunny, BoBunny chooses a WINNER (THE WINNER COULD BE YOU), BoBunny sends the prize to the store, the WINNER claims their prize!

Can't wait to see what you create! Have a Wonderful Wednesday friends!


  1. What a great store!!! I would love to visit there!!!!

  2. I love Crafty Wood Cutouts! I am hooked on the seasonal ladder decor, so I drive 30 min. to their store at least once a month to get the monthly release! Love you guys!

  3. Halloween makes for the coolest cards!