Saturday, April 18, 2015

Super Safari Layout!!

Hi! This week we are focusing on the beautiful Bo Bunny Jewels and the gorgeous Safari collection. The jewels are actually some of my favourite embellishments, so I was really excited to get to work with some of them for today's blogpost. I choose to work with the 'Tuxedo' jewels and used them to add a few bling details on this lay-out about my father.

Check it Out by Romy Veul

This photo of my father shows him just the way he is. When we are on vacation or just have a short family trip to the zoo or to a museum, he is always very interested in everything that he sees, whether it's a beautiful landscape, a work of art of some kind of architecture. That is what this lay-out is about. The title is in Dutch and says 'always curious'.

On my lay-out I used a mixture of papers from the Safari collection to match my photo. I also used one sheet of the Heritage collection. I cut out several bricks from the 'Jungle' paper to create a nice background for my photo.

I used the beautiful jewels to add some extra detail to my lay-out. I added some of them to the banner that I created below my photo. Besides, I also incorporated a few jewels in the chickenwire patterns that I stamped alongside the edges of my lay-out.

BoBunny Supply List:
Patterned Papers: Safari, Jungle, Kingdom/ Safari; Key/ Heritage 
Double Dot Cardstock: Decaf Dot 
6x6 Paper Pad: Safari
Noteworthy: Safari
Chipboad: Safari Chipboard, Safari Layered Chipboard, Heritage Layered Chipboard
Stickers: Safari Combo Sticker
Buttons: Safari
Film Sticker: Safari
Large Stamps: Distressed Textures
Dot Jewels: Tuxedo 


  1. I love this <3 It's so very masculine, but you can get away with the bling, too!!! Splendid!!

  2. So pretty.thsnk u for the inspiration

  3. This is the best layout I have ever seen with a masculine spin to it. Amazing textures. Kudos to you. Inspiration for m. Yay!