Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Art Journaling With Genevieve!

Hi guys, I am so excited to finally get my hands on the new BoBunny collections! I got to play with the Genevieve collection, and the thing that grabbed me about it before anything else were the colors - I just love the deep, warm yellow and the ultramarine deep blue. I knew I wanted to create an art journal spread, since I've been really getting into mixed media art journaling lately. And the bright colors made me think of the book "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss. The book begins with:

Art Journal by Ilene Tell

Some Days Are Yellow Art Journal Page by Ilene Tell using BoBunny Genevieve collection

"Some days are yellow, some are blue. On different days, I'm different too. You'd be surprised how many ways I change on different colored days."

Then it goes through a variety of colors and the moods that go with them. It has beautiful artsy illustrations as well. I always loved it for my kids, to show them that we all have different moods and that it's OK to have all sorts of feelings. I thought this collection would be perfect to create a two-page spread in my journal.

Some Days Are Yellow Art Journal Page by Ilene Tell using BoBunny Genevieve collection
Some Days Are Yellow Art Journal Page by Ilene Tell using BoBunny Genevieve collection

Art journaling is so fun and such a great way to express your feelings, thoughts, and experiment with different colors and techniques. There's no pressure to get it "perfect", it's just a therapeutic time to play. Here are the steps I went through to create this layout:

1. Cut apart blue-toned and yellow-toned sheets from the 6x6 paper pad into random scraps and then randomly glue them down with gel medium. I like to use the 6x6 paper for this since it's slightly thinner than the really thick 12x12 paper BoBunny has.

2. Put some globs of yellow paint on the yellow side and rub it around with a baby wipe to give the page an even more yellow tone. It will come out as a color wash and completely see-through. Do the same for the other side with blue paint. This way even the same papers will look different for each side.

3. Add designs around the edges with the "Starling" stickable stencil and then the birds at the top.

4. Paint your image. I chose to paint the girl. I love painting with acrylics on patterend paper since you can leave areas with less paint on them to let the design underneath show through.

5. Add more stenciling with the "Whimsy" stencil. There are many ways to add color using the stencils, including using the glitter pastes and the glimmer strays. Here I just used plain paint dabbed on with a cosmetic sponge (you can get those at the dollar store for a bag).

6. Add more details, such as shading and white accents. Add stamping (here, I used the "Romance" stamp which matches this collection perfectly). I also added a die-cut bird, a die-cut for the date, and I used a black marker to go around some of the elements for more definition.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, and I hope you will give art journaling a try!

BoBunny Supplies:
6x6 Paper Pad: Genevieve
Noteworthy: Genevieve
Combo Sticker: Genevieve, Provence, Pop Quiz
Stickable Stencils: Starling, Whimsy
Stamp: Romance