Sunday, August 30, 2015

Beautiful Boardwalk Invitations!

Hello, here is Solange Marques and I'll share with you more ideas for your parties.

I love parties and I love to prepare each detail for them. BoBunny party line is fantastic and very practical with many elements to enrich and brighten your party. How I love give my personal touch on each detail, I bring some ideas for a Summer Party.

Here some invitations:


1: Using your finger, apply acrylic gesso on the borders of invitations:

2: With a brush, splash some acrylic gesso mixed with water:

 3: Use a watercolor pencil on some places of invitation:

4: Use a brush with water to blend the watercolor pencil:

5: Splash some drops from BoBunny Frost Glimmer Spray:

6: Apply BoBunny inkpad on the bordes of the envelopes:

7: Spray a little of Frost Glimmer Spray on the envelopes:

8: Cut out some elements from Boardwalk papers collection and glue them on the envelopes:

BoBunny supplies:
Patterned Paper: Boardwalk, Seaside/ Boardwalk
Invitations: Boardwalk
Ink Pads: Blueberry
Glimmer Spray: Frost Glimmer Spray