Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 BoBunny Design Team

We are thrilled to have each of these talented ladies on the 2019 BoBunny Design Team. Time to get to know them! 

Hello everyone! My name is Angela Tombari and I’m from Bologna, an old Medieval town in North Italy. I’m a working mom to two adorable, crazy teens and during the little time I have for myself I love scrapbooking. Layouts are the projects I enjoy the most, followed by mini albums and cards to give away to friends. Don’t blame me if you see odd elements in my works, I’m that kind of person who’s always looking for something ‘new’! Take a look at my Instagram and Blog

I started scrapbooking a number of years ago, but only really started seriously scrapping after my son was born, about 11 years ago. I am a South African, a devoted mother, giving wife and happy creator! I am a very happy scrapper and love creating layouts, as well as cards and altered projects. I am not sure  that I have a particular style, probably somewhere between shabby chic and artsy, as I love mixed media pages. I love chipboard & embellishments  & I am always keen to try new things.

I am a very versatile scrapper and create altered projects, cards and pages! I love anything paper and love trying my hand at a new idea. I think that is why paper crafting is such a passion for me, because it is ever evolving with new papers, new tools and new crazes! So whether it’s layouts, cards, mini albums, tags or altered projects, I enjoy them all &would be happy to create any of these.

Many things inspire me and my son and family are definitely two of those things. I also love colour and layering, but sometimes clean and simple does the trick. I love photography and really enjoy taking good photos that can later be scrapped.  I truly believe that great photos make for great projects.

I have been blessed to be on a number of Design Teams over the years. I am thrilled to have been chosen again to contribute to the BoBunny team for another year and I know that I will love

every moment and every product!

My blog address is Strawbs Patch and would love it if you popped over & say HI! 

I am Elena Olinevich from Belarus, Eastern Europe. I live in the capital city with my 2 kids and hubby but most of all I like to spend time on our countryside house during April - October, since the city is too busy and fast for me. It seems that I have been crafting all my life but I definitely remember that I started doing it on a regular basis when I stepped from my Marketing and Sales Management position in 2010.  So I can say that during the past 8 years my life has changed and I am happy to craft, teach and to enjoy a full time artist position.

I like traditional scrapbooking and cardmaking with a sense to details and layering, and really enjoy to add the watercolors to my papercraft projects that are different - cards, layouts , mini albums and bookbinding.

Take a look at my Instagram and Blog!

My name is Elisa Favari. I’m 37 and I live in Verona (Italy) the city of love. I
’m married to a technological-creative man, Michele: his 3D printed projects astonish me everyday!!!
I graduated in physiotherapy and I have helped people with neurological troubles for fifteen years. Unfortunately,  I had to stop working for some problems with my neck… But I’ve been lucky, because now I work in a craft shop in my town and that gives me a lot  of satisfaction too.

I’ve been crafting since I was a child. I’ve always loved coloring, cardmaking, plannering, but my real scrapbooking experience began four years ago, when I decided to handmake my marriage invitations and the  travel journal for our honey moon on the West Coast. After that, I never stopped!!! Papercrafting is my passion!!  My favourite projects are layouts, cards, and mini albums. My style is vintage style, but not only that… I love to change sometimes!!! And I also love mixed media. I have an Art Journal and altering frames is very relaxing for me too!
And now, my dreams have come true, I’m on the BoBunny Design Team. I hope you will enjoy my projects. It’s really a pleasure to share them with all you!!!
Take a look at my Instagram and Blog!

My name is Emilia van den Heuvel. I’m a Bulgarian girl, living and working out of the Netherlands. I grew up in the beautiful capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, and being a city girl is kind of in my blood. My mom filled our house with books, painting, and art journals and she taught me to love all things crafty and artsy.
Before I moved to the Netherlands to be with my husband, I was working as a vet and now I’m a part-time translator, a full-time mommy to my amazing munchkins, Theo and Elise, and a passionate crafter. In my spare time you will find me behind my crafty table reading a book or visiting the next magical place with my family.

I started scrapbooking in 2004 after my first child was born. I think it is the perfect way of preserving our memories. Every single one of my pages is telling a story, which will always remind my children who they are and who we were as a family.

I'm so honored to be part of the amazing BoBunny family for another year!
Check out my Instagram and Blog

My name is Malin Ellegaard and I´m from a little town called Hjo in Sweden. My city's name is almost prenounced like "you".
I live with my partner Peder and 2 of our four children. At home, we have Christoffer (22) ( Peders son ) and Jesper (18) ( My son ). My daughter Amanda (20) just moved away from home with her boyfriend and we also have Alexander ( at the time 20 ) in heaven. ( We both have 2 children from previous relations.) 

I have been crafting as long as I can remember. When I was little I made penpal paper, knitting very simple dresses for barbies that my mother taught me and I also liked to embroidery. When I grew older I also learned how to sew and crochet so I did all of this sewing, knitting , embroidery and crocheting for many many years. I loved to do barbie and doll clothes when my daughter was little and did for many years too.

In 2007 I found scrapbooking at tradera but of course I didn´t know that was the name for it then. I found a site with qk dies, bought some and thought that it was SO FUN to punch out this cute figures. And then I found out more and more, found scrapbooking stores and fb sites about it that I joined and in 2010 I started scrapbooking a lot more and I just LOVED it! I joined my first Design Team in 2011 and I have been hooked ever since. I LOVE stamps and beautiful papers and paperflowers to create from. I mostly have been a cardmaker but sometimes I also alter, make some layouts and other stuff. It helps me relax and I couldn´t think of a life with out creating!

I hope I can be able to inspire some of you with my creations and I´m very honored to be a part of this design team this year so Thank you for that BoBunny!
If there is anything you wonder about me just feel free to ask!
Hugs Malin

Take a look at my Instagram and Blog

We are so excited to share what these lovely ladies create with our new 2019 collections! Stay Tuned! 

The BoBunny Team


  1. Congrats awesome for us!! Look forward to working with you all!! 😊😊

  2. Congrats!, wish I’d seen this call!, love BoBunny!

  3. Congratulations to all of you! It was nice getting to know you a little through your bios, and I look forward to seeing the wonderful projects you'll share with us this year!