Wednesday, September 18, 2019

How to Make Handmade Flowers with Denise

Hello BoBunny Fans

It's Denise here today to share how I make handmade flowers, using BoBunny cardstock. 

I created a Birthday card and used the flowers that I had handmade.

Boulevrad_Birthday Card_Denise_18 Sep 01

Here's a closer look at those handmade flowers.

Boulevrad_Birthday Card_Denise_18 Sep 02

The great thing about handmade flowers is that you can choose the shape, design and color to perfectly match any project.

I created a video of the process and I hope that you will see that it's really quite easy.

Thanks so much for stopping by the BoBunny blog today and we really hope to see you back for the next project. 

Have a marvelous day!

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: De Belleville, Boulevard/ Boulevard
Cardstock: Blueberry VintageNoteworthy: Boulevard
Boxed Cards: Boulevard

Monday, September 16, 2019

Stamping Tips with Malin

Hello everyone!

Today I will share with you a few scrapbooking tips from me.
I have some small simple tips using stamps today and using stamps to make decorations for your projects. I love using stamps om my projects and I hope you will do to.

The thing is that this is something you can do if you don´t have that much time for scrapbooking but still want to scrap a few minutes or half an hour or so when you can. As for example before christmas time when we have our hands full of preparing christmasgifts, decorate the house, meeting up with family and so on.

Prepare some 10x10 cm cardstock to be used for this, you will get 4 out of one cardstock and that is good! You can have them on your table to be used as you go. Or just the sizes you like!
I have then used the christmas stamps christmas treasures from this collection.

Tip 1. Use some basic monochromatic cardstock, stamp your stamps and then cut it out, and you have a decoration. On this picture I took brown cardstock and stamped some of the cones on. Perfect and I do not need to color them! And i have some decorations for my card!

Tip 2. Stamp on patterned papper. This will give the stamp more "life" in it even if you do not color it. I have on this one used patterned papper pieces from the collection christmas treasures and stamped some of the banners and text, cut it out and I have a decoration. Do this with all kinds of patterned papper that you have and you can do several and save for later projects. This is also fun and easy to do in front of the tv... Or if you cook or something just stamp a few during the time you are waiting and so on.

Tip 3. If you have a litte more time now and then stamp up your stamp and emboss it! You can emboss with all sorts of colors and it also looks nice to have an embossed picturestamp on a monochromatic paper to be used on a cas card and so on. Just play and try around what you like!

Tip 4. Do as usual and stamp up a lot of your small picture stamps and color them. You don´t need to color them all at ones, do some now and then when you have a little time left. Then when they are done start cut them out and you will have a lot of decorations for your projects when you have a little more time to be sitting down and scrapbook! I personaly think this is great to have been making and have them done when it´s time for scrapbook time!

Small tips from me today. Look around your stamps and you probably will have plenty to make decorations of!
So here it is then...
A small christmas card I did using the stamp set. The card is only 10x10 cm but perfect to send out as a christmas card or be put on the christmasgift you just wraped to write on to the person who is giving the gift.

Products I used:
BoBunny Christmas treasures stamp set # 7310902
Christmas treasures paper collection.
White cardstock

Differnet mediums for coloring and embossing.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

DIY Home Decor Project

Hi, Crafty friends!!

Elisa here from Italy!
Today I want to share with you my new project: A "Home Sweet home" decor. But, what is behind it?? A large straw trivet!! So this is an altered item, of course. And Boulevard collection was the best to create a floral decor for my home!!!

This is the original Straw Trivet:

A bit of glitter gold paste on the external circles of straw and really a lor of red, white and yellow roses!!!
As color background for the inner part, this time I chose green.
And then I layered some wood effect paper as base for the sentiment.

For the sentiment I used my Silhouette with We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill!!! The effect is great!

I used also other embellishment by Boulevard collection: chipboard stickers and normal stickers too!! And I also die cut that wonderful ornament with the dark yellow cardstock.

I love the roses chipboard stickers in this collection: some have a wonderful gold foil effect on the edge. Some have a normal border. And the combo is perfect!!

The wood effect is really delicate... As the whole project !!

So this was only a Straw Trivet... A bit of creativity, a wonderful BoBunny paper collection, and now I have a great home decor!!

BoBunny Supplies:
12x12" Boulevard Pad
Boulevard Chipboard Stickers
Boulevard Stickers

Hope you enjoy it!
Till next time!