Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Boo Crew is in the House!!!

It's Halloween! It's Halloween!
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can't be seen,
On any other night.
Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,
Grinning goblins fighting duels,
Werewolves rising from their tombs,
Witches on their magic brooms.
In masks and gown we haunt the street
And knock on doors for trick or treat
Tonight we are the king and queen,
For oh tonight it's Halloween!
-Jack Prelutsky

I can't believe Halloween is almost here! Are you and your goblins ready? Have you decorated your house, picked out your costumes and carved your pumpkins? Speaking of decorating, I love to decorate for Halloween and I couldn't help myself from creating a little spooky fun using the Boo Crew line!

I created this fun haunted house using the Boo Crew line, 2 wooden haunted house shapes and chipboard. You can also make your own template or download one off the internet, cut it out of cardboard or chipboard - just make sure that the material you cut it out of is strong enough to stand vertically without bending.

Patterned Paper:
Boo Crew Dot ( black dot used for the outside of the house and the green used for the door)
Boo Crew Here's Looking at You (used for inside the windows and door)
Boo Crew Masquerade and Goblins (used for the roof)
Boo Crew Ghoul Friends (cut out the characters, jack o'lanterns, spider and ghosts)
Boo Crew Stripe (used for the grass)
Boo Crew Time for Treats (cut out the Beware sign)

1. Take two wooden house shapes, sand the edges and spray paint them black.
2. Cut off the fence on one of the houses and discard. The house with the fence removed is the back of your house.
3. Cover what will be the front of your house and the back of your house with patterned paper.
4. Ink all edges of the patterned paper with black ink or carefully run a black sharpie marker along the edges.
5. Cover the inside of the house (the part that will be the inside of the house) with the orange paper so that the orange shows through the windows and open door.
6. Use chipboard to create the side walls, roof , open door and the stairs for your haunted house.

Creating the side walls
7. Measure the length of each wall (its vertical length when the house is standing). Cut chipboard this length by 5 inches wide. Score a ½ inch in on each end so that the piece is now 4 inches wide (This is the distance between the front and the back of the house). Repeat this for every wall: cut 5 inches long by the distance of the wall height. (You will hot glue the folded 1/2 inch section on each piece to the wooden house to create your side walls.)
8. Cover the walls with patterned paper.
9. Ink the edges with black ink and set them to the side.

Creating the roof
10. Measure the length (actually the height) of each roof.
11. Cut them to be 5 inches in length
11. Use masking tape to bind the 2 roof sides to each other. (The masking tape will be running along the peak of the roof.)
12. Cover each side of the roof with strips of patterned paper. I used an embossing punch to create my strips.
13. Ink the edges if you wish and set them to the side.
14. Attach the walls first to the wooden house shapes using a hot glue gun. Start by attaching them all on one wooden shape and then attach them to the other shape. I also recommend starting at the bottom and working your way toward the top.
15. Next attach the roofs using the hot glue gun.
16. Finally, finish by decorating the house with your choice of embellishments such as stickers, cut outs from the patterned paper, glitter, gems etc.

For more detailed photos and instructions please stop by my blog!
Happy creating!



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