Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Get to know...Juliana Michaels!!!

Join us today as we share and get to know our talented Designer Juliana Michaels!!!

She joined our team in September and has wowed us all with her beautiful work!

Read on to learn more about Juliana...

1) Tell us about yourself and your family?

I am married to my best friend and the love of my life Danny! We met in church and started dating about 8 months after we first met. We got engaged after about 8 months of dating and then were married about a year later! We have been married for four years and it just keeps getting better and better! We also have a horse named Woody who is the pride and joy of my husband, but he is a bit to big and tall for me! LOL!!!

2) How did you start scrapbooking?

I started seriously scrapbooking about 13 years ago. A guy I worked with who knew I enjoyed making crafts he introduced me to his girlfriend at the time. I remember him telling me that she does this “cool stuff with scrapbooks and pictures and stuff”. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the art of scrapbooking and gain a best friend!

3) How long have you been scrapbooking?

I have been scrapbooking for 13 years the safe way with acid free products; however I put together scrapbooks using those old magnetic albums when I was in junior high school.

4) What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere there is surf, sand and sun! I love the beach and if I had to pick one favorite place I would probably have to chose Kiawah Island!

5) How would you describe your style?

This is always a tough question for me! Over the years my style has changed & it continues to constantly evolve as I play with new products & try new techniques. Either way, everything I create is all me & what I am having fun with at the moment! I tend to prefer clean lines, but love to play with texture and color.

6) How do you feel about journaling?

I personally do not enjoy doing it, and often find that I have run out of room for it when I am designing my layouts. That being said, I still try to squeeze it in because I do believe it is an important part of the process if you are creating your layout to record memories.

7) Do you have a favorite color? Do you feel it plays an influence in your scrapping?

My favorite color is orange, followed closely by chocolate brown and green. I love warm fall like colors. When it comes to scrapbooking though, I am mostly influenced by the photos that I am working with when selecting colors rather than what colors I like.

8) Do you have your own scrap space?

I do have my own scrappy space in one of our spare bedrooms, and I absolutely love it! It is nothing fancy, but it works for me. I have my own system of storage, but I do occasionally change some things around. I really like to have things out where I can easily get to them so I don’t forget what I have on hand. I am however very particular about keeping my room neat and clutter free which means that I very frequently go through what I have and purge anything that is 6-12 months old. If it sits that long, I know I am not ever going to use it!

9) What would be your ideal dinner or dessert?

I am all about food, so this is pretty easy! I especially love Mexican food so I would have to go with the following: fresh made guacamole and chips followed by a main course of either tamales or a chile relleno with a side of rice and beans. As for dessert…I love chocolate preferably cake, cookies, or brownies so any of those will do! I recently discovered the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownies! Oh they are yummy! (I warned you, I love food! LOL!!!)

10) Share your favorite photo and tell us what makes it your favorite?

Trying to select one favorite photo is really hard! I decided to select this one of me and my husband from our wedding day! Just looking at it brings back so many wonderful memories of that special day and it reminds me of how very blessed I am!
11) What or where do you go for inspiration?

I get some of my inspiration from perusing various online scrapbook galleries or looking through scrapbook magazines. However I am probably the most inspired by the papers and photos that I have to work with.

12) How do you start working? Sketch, supplies, photos...

I start with my deciding on what photos I want to work with and then I pull out coordinating papers, embellishments, etc. Then I draw a sketch. I very rarely work without a sketch in front of me. It helps me organize where I want to place things. I am also a slow scrapper and I enjoy having time to let a layout or project sit in my brain a few days once I get an idea. Then when I go to sit down and create it, it usually comes together a little easier for me. I am also a huge fan of removable adhesive. I like to be able to rearrange and move things around before I commit to their final placement on the page.

13) What’s your favorite Bo Bunny layout or project?

One of my favorite projects is the Boo Crew Haunted House! I have recently fallen in love with creating altered items and this is definitely one of my favorite altered projects! It was also one of those ideas in the beginning that I really wasn't sure what the end result would be, but I love how it all came together! Plus, I just love Halloween and the little Halloween characters that are a part of this line were just begging for a place to go trick or treating!

14) What is your favorite Bo Bunny product to work with?

My absolute favorite products are the Bo Bunny patterned paper s and the cardstock. Give me that, some scissors, an exacto knife, a ruler and some adhesive and I am quite content to play for hours!!!

15) What other crafts to you enjoy? Or hobbies?

Some other activities that I enjoy are reading, cooking, working out, and camping. I used to enjoy a few other crafts such as crochet and needle work, but I have gotten away from these the last few years as I have become more and more engrossed in scrapbooking and playing with paper.

16) Any advice to someone who is just starting scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking to me is a form of art and self expression just as much as it is about telling a story and recording your memories. You just need to decide for yourself why you are scrapbooking and then step back, enjoy the process and be yourself. Look to others for inspiration, but do not get engrossed in trying to do something that is not you. You and your family will enjoy what you are creating much more if it comes from your heart!

Thanks so much Juliana for sharing a bit of you with all of us today!! We're so fortunate to have you as part of the Bo Bunny Design Team!!


  1. Thanks so much Juliana! We're so fortunate to have you on the Bo Bunny team!! :-)

  2. It's great to get to know you better Juliana! You are so incredibly talented!

  3. hugs to my friend! love your work and so excited for you to be part of Bo Bunny!

  4. I loved reading your Q&A and seeing your work! Awesome stuff and I especially loved your advice to scrappers - be true to yourself and your own style always. Words to live by!

  5. Juliana, it was lovely reading about you. Love the photo of you and your husband on your wedding day, and I am thrilled that you are on the BB team, such a talent. I also love chocolate any type lol !! and I had to laugh when you said about the tall horse lol !!

    Carole xx

  6. It's very nice to meet you Juliana!

  7. Juliana, What a beautiful photo of the two of you on your wedding day! So fun to read more about you!

  8. Hi Juliana - It's nice to know more about you. Love the photo of you and your dh. You look wonderful together! Love your altered projects!

  9. Nice to learn more about you, Juliana! You are a wonderful asset to the BoBunny team!

  10. So great to get to know a little about you, Juliana! Love your work.

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    Love everything you have created for Bo Bunny!!! You are such an inspiration!!!

  12. It is so fun to meet the new ladies and get to know a little about them.