Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lets Pretend...

Kids say the funniest things! When youre a scrapbooking mummy these things need to be recorded - thats what i love about this hobby!

Jacob is now 6 years old and comes out with some great lines. We had just bought him a new bear and he said he wanted his picture taken pretending to be asleep and snuggling! lol

Do you know how hard it is not to giggle when youre meant to be sleeping, or peeping out from behind those eyelids to see exactly how close mum is with the camera! lol
These are the results....I cut the album out of acetate using a Sizzix die, the photographs were only small so it make sense to make a small pocket album. The papers used are from the Flutter Butter range and are so pretty yet able to be grunged up for boys albums with a little ink and a little help from the Urban stamps - dont you just love that mud splat!
Jake did quite well at first, keeping his eyes closed and trying not to move....
..then the giggling started...and the fluttering eyes...
...then a full out laugh! :)
The conversation went like this:-

Jacob :- 'Take a picture of me asleep with bear'
Me :- 'OK, close your eyes...'
Jake :- ' Like this??'
Me:- 'Yes, Sssshhh'
Me :- 'Stop giggling'
Me :- 'Jake youre too funny!'
Jake :- 'Did i do a good pretend??'
Me :- 'Yes son, you did a great pretend!' :)

What funnies have your little ones said lately??


Products used: Flutter Butter patterned papers (Breeze, Burst, Honey, Willow, Stripe), Flutter Butter Combo Stickers, Life is a Journey stickers, Butterfly Dreams iCandy Jewels, Island Mist Dot paper, Stamp & Store Urban, 5/8 Sage Green ribbon, Kitchen Spice Combo Alphabet Stickers. Acetate, Brown ink to edge, Black Stazon.


  1. What a sweet project Debbie! Great way to save those funny things they say!

  2. Olááá...
    Sou fã deste Blog!!!
    E passo aqui todos dias para ver as novidades!!!
    Parabéns pelos lindos papéis e pelo lindo trabalho publicado!!!


  3. I am totally lovin that mini...precious.

    Just to seven year old explained to me that Jesus was such a special baby, and everything associated with Jesus' birth was special. She said that Sister Liz at church called it "an immaculate contraception".


  4. Aww Frances thats too cute!! LOL

  5. Oh I had a little laugh, your pretend conversation is priceless and the acetate book a great way to remember it.

  6. My daughter was about 7 yrs old when she came up with this driving her to school and seeing an elderly woman walking her dog:

    P: Mommy, little old ladies must love poodles and have to have one.
    Me: Why?
    P: Because they both have curly white hair.

  7. Wow! What an awesome way to document these cute life moments! :)

  8. Me {To my then 4 year old seeing pen on my then 11 month old's face}: What on earth did you do to your brother?!?

    DS-4: I gave him whiskers.

    Me: WHY?!?!?

    DS-4: Because I wanted him to be a tiger.

    Oh but of course. Why did I not think of this? LOL

  9. How funny! Great little album to record that moment!

  10. My 41/2 year old told his best friend you can't pick your nose in Publix( which is a grocery store though I know he was thinking he was saying in public)love your album:)