Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stamping with Christine

Stamping is a huge part of my creative process. I was introduced to stamping about 6 years ago when I wanted to start including alpha stamps on my page layouts. Immediately I was hooked and since then I have learned so much. I stamp on my scrapbook pages, cards, altered projects, and have even been known to decorate my walls of my home with stamped images.

Take a peek inside my head as I share a little about how I stamp on layouts. Most people will say that they are "afraid" to stamp on their layouts because they don't want to ruin them. Hey, I can totally sympathize with that so I have some tips and some confessions to make that might ease your mind about stamping on your next layout!

Below you can see my finished layout. I have stamped all over it. You can see that I used those beautiful tropical flowers from the Stamp and Store Aloha set and the frame from the Cherished stamp from the Persuasion line. I also stamped on the Chunky Charms Swirls and Brackets as well which really dress them up. As you scroll down this post I will explain how I used these stamps as well as others on my layout.

Here is my desk. As you can see it's covered with stamps, inks, and my "practice" paper. I always have this paper on my work area so that I can see what an idea I have looks like before I actually do it. I used my practice paper to test out colors. Before I pick a color I will actually just pick up the ink pad and stamp it on my paper. That way I can hold my patterned paper to it to see if it matches. I also use this "practice" paper to stamp off. Sometimes I want my image to have a lesser intensity than a freshly inked stamp so I will stamp once on my practice paper and then onto my final surface.

Practicing first will give you a lot more confidence when actually stamping on your layout. Here is an example of how I tried stamping a background image on my Chunky Charms Swirls to see if my stamp was small enough to show up well. I was also experimenting with the color of ink as well. I have to say that I wasn't happy with either the stamp or the color so I was glad that I didn't just jump right in and stamp the actual flourish that I wanted to use.

Okay, confession time. Yes, sometimes I really do just jump right in and stamp on my layout without being able to practice. Below you will see a picture of one of my stamping "mistakes" on my layout. But hey, no problem, I just decided that side needed something more and added a strip of patterned paper which covered up that little faux pas perfectly.

One of my most important tools when I am stamping on a layout is my Stamp-a-ma-jig. I wouldn't stamp a title without it. It is designed to allow you to see where each letter in your title will be stamped before you actually stamp it. That way you can have nice straight titles and also plan your space better. This picture shows me stamping on the see through plastic in order to get ready to stamp on my layout.

Ah, my first letter. Perfectly placed. Let's see how the rest ends up.

Love it! Perfectly straight. Not that I want my titles to be perfectly straight every time but when you want it you can achieve it. You might also notice on this picture that I made another boo boo. When I stamped my J, I actually did not get the image totally stamped. I decided to try to line it up with my Stamp-a-ma-jig and stamp it a second time. Sometimes I can get it just right and you can't tell but this time I wasn't so lucky so I decided to go back and stamp again over the E and the Y so that it looked more "shabby" then a "mistake". I have learned that mistakes are just creative opportunities. Be sure to make the most of them.

Here you can see a closeup view of the Chunky Charms chipboard stamped with a background image.
Another closeup of those beautiful tropical flowers from the Stamp and Store Aloha set. After I stamped the outline image, I stamped of of the other stamps that was filled in on top of it so I had both the light and dark inks on the shape. Then I cut out each flower and sprayed them with some shiny mist. I crumpled them a little while they were still wet and then stuck a Bo Bunny glitter brad or gem through the middle.

I hope that I have inspired you to use stamps more often on your layouts and cards. Remember mistakes are just opportunities for creativity.
Designer: Christine Ousley
Supplies used: Bo Bunny Persuasion Dot, Tutu Double Dot Cardstock, Cherished Stamp, Stamp & Store Aloha stamps, Persuasion iCandy Brads, Blush Swirls and Brackets Chunky Charms


  1. Beautiful LO! thanks for the stamping tips. I need to get one of those Stamp-a-ma-jigs.

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    Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to give stamping a try on my next layout.

  5. Thanks for the great information. I have tons of stamps and never seem to remember to use them on my layouts. You have inspired me to pull some out and play. Thanks for sharing.

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