Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The ABC's of BoBunny

With school being almost out...
we thought we'd keep your minds sharp,
with a The ABC's of BoBunny.

Lets start with the letter A!

Row #1
Alissa - Our Alissa collection was one of our top seller. Did you know it was named after the daughter of Matthew Lanoy, our Sales Manager? Isn't she darling? Here are a few facts about Alissa.

She is a vibrant little four year old who loves to dance and sing. Matthew describes her as a very well spoken and energetic child. He said when she is told no, she thinks that means its time to debate. She just started pre-school, loves ketchup, watching cartoons with her Dad, and loves her baby brother.

Row #2
Amy Rhode - Amy has worked for BoBunny's shipping department since April 2006. Amy is from Colorado, has been married to her husband Steven for 20 years and has two boys, Kyle and Travis. She is an avid soccer player, and runs 3 miles a day with our office manager Vicki. She loves dark chocolate, loves to travel and has been to Europe, Canada, and Mexico. She also has a dog named Deuce.

Row #3
Abbey Road - Abbey Road was another one of our top selling collections. We actually held onto this collection for 14 months before releasing it. The colors and designs reminded Jan of the 60's so we decided it needed a name to reflect that.

Row #4
Advertising - I'm sure you've noticed that we advertise in many different publications. Some of those publications include: Creating Keepsakes, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooks Etc., Scrapbook Trends, Scrapbooking Memories (in Australia), Scrapbook and Cards (in Canada) just to name a few. Our top priority in our advertising is to inspire people to use our products. We're glad it works!

We'd love to hear you all sound off with your favorite A's!


  1. Cute idea! I love getting to know more about BoBunny. Abbey Road is one of my favorite collections!

  2. Apple Jacks happens to be one of my favorite cereals.

    Anna is one of my all time favorite girl names.

  3. I guess this'll be a lott of fun.
    Can't wait for the other letters

  4. I like: apples, Abbey Road, America, animals and amazing creations. :)

  5. My two ultimate fave A's are Audrey (my daughter) and Andy (my hubby)

  6. Great idea! Atmy house a is for autism and we could do without it.LOL

  7. Ooh thats easy... my FAVORITE 'A' of ALL is my daughter - Amelia!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

    My favorite time of year - Autumn
    My favorite veggie - Asparagus
    My job - Accountant
    I love - Animals


  8. How fun is this! Can't wait to see more posts!

  9. How neat to find out more information about Bo Bunny!

  10. My Favourite A's:


    Accents (Bo Bunny accents are PERFECT)

    Abbey Road (love this collection)

    Apples....sauce, pie, as is

    Alphabets (Love these in chipboard, dimensional stickers, rub ons, all shapes and sizes, colours and fonts)

  11. My favorite A's :

    Apple Pie
    Altered Art
    Ann is my Mother's Middle name
    Adorable paper like Abbey Road

  12. How fun !!! Both of my sweet nieces's name start with A Amelie and Anna-Elle (and sister's dog is named Abbey !! and mmmmmmmmm apple pie!!! As for Bo Bunny, love Abbey Road !

  13. I like to see A's on my grades when they are posted! Best A ever!

  14. I love both Alissa and Abbey Road - both have been hugely popular lines to sell here in the UK.

    One of my favourite Summer vegetables is asparagus! Yum!

    I love discovering more about my most favourite-ist (lol) brand ever!! I'm obsessed with anything and everything Bo Bunny, have been for a few years now!!

  15. ME! Can I be my favourite A? Allison! How fun, I think I may need to make an A page now...

  16. A is for Adah, my sweet grand-niece who is the subject of many of my layouts!
    A is for awesome - which is a word I tend to use alot ! LOL
    and, I see that
    A is for ablephe which is my word verification for this post! hee hee!

  17. This is going to be so much fun.Can't wait to see all the other letters.Thanks so much.

  18. This is such a fun way to learn more about Bo Bunny. Some of my Favorite A's would be Adhesives for all my crafting projects, Animals (kids included) and Apples, yummy!

  19. This is way fun!! I loved reading everyone response thou it made me keep changing my list...hahaha

    Ann= daughters middle name,Moms middle name, sisters first name

    Autumn=my favorite season

    Apples= one of my favorite snacks (of course you have to have dip to go with it...**giggle**)

  20. Abbey Road was one of my faves as well...perhaps because I know a darling girl by that name!!

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  22. Amanda is a favorite A for me, she is the amazing Mama of my little Granddaughter, Mia.