Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The ABC's of BoBunny

Time for the ABC's of BoBunny.

Today we are doing the letter B

First we have...

Block Party was designed by our very own Shannon Anderson.
It started as a single paper for a calendar line and developed into
the fabulous collection just released this Spring.
We love how versatile this line is and can be used for so many different occasions.
This line was recently reviewed at Scrapreview and
Annie Hafermann did an awesome job creating with it.

Here's a fun layout featuring Block Party - Designed by Shanna Vineyard
Supplies used: Block Party, Block Party Picnic, Summer Bash Rubon, Block Party Chipboard,
Block Party Combo Sticker, Block Party Buttons & Bling

Of course we can't do a B post without talking about our next B...

Do you ever wonder where BoBunny got it’s name?
Our owner, Jan Lanoy, used to make and sell the
cutest lil muslin bunnies named Bo.
They each had a little tag that told about them and their personalities.
Making and selling these bunnies kept Jan at home to raise her 3 sons.
When she decided to move her business into the scrapbook industry
she already had an established name and decided to keep it.

Our next B is something we all love...

We wanted to show you how our brads have evolved...
We started out with our Bodacious Brads.

then the All Stuck Up

and now more fun than ever...

Our iCandy Brads that match each line and come in a
variety of shapes, sizes, glitter, epoxy and more!
Brads hold your memories together!

Another one of our great B embellishments is...

Who doesn’t love a little Bling!
This product just keeps getting better, recently
we’ve added glitter, clear buttons & fun shapes.
Can you ever have too many creative options
when embellishing your projects???
We don’t think so!

And last but not least...

It's been a while since we've done blinkies to match our fun new collections,
so our newest Bunny, Sarah Jane designed these fun new Blinkies for all of
you to enjoy and share on your blogs (they are located on the side bar)
So show your love for BoBunny!!! We randomly like to send prizes when we find
our blinkies on your pick your favorite and leave us a comment!

To add the blinkies to your blog, simply click on your favorite one,
copy and paste the HTML code provided in photobucket,
and add a HTML gadget to your blog.

Hope you're having a great Wednesday, and thanks for reading!


  1. oh how I LOVE this Block Party line! I am going to use it for Christmas Calendars for the Grandparents! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  2. I'm all linked with the blinked. Love these blinkies.

  3. Ohhhh love block party... so excited to create with this line... and of course it is perfect to scrapbook my 2 boys....

  4. Loving all those B's!! Very cool to know how you got your name too. ;) I have a blikie on my blog!
    - April W

  5. Added to the side of my blog.

  6. I added the I love Bobunny blinkie to my blog :) And I do! I am in love with your Block Party line. Every single bit of it. It's gorgeous!

  7. I love this Block Party line! I know exactly what I want to do with it as soon as I get my hands on some. I added a blinkie to my blog:

  8. I've added one of the new blinkies! So hard to choose one though, so I just went with the one that matched my blog, ha ha!

    Thanks for the history behind the Bo Bunny name - I've always wondered about that!

  9. I am loving this new line and the new blinkies!!!

  10. love the ABC's of BoBunny - great idea
    I added the blinky of my new favorite line to my blog

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  13. lovin' the new lines...just picked up some block party fun last weekend at my LSS! Love the new blinkies...added one to my blog-

  14. Super cute B elements! I'm all blinkied up with a new one!

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  17. Gorgeous and yes I did wonder about the name. Now I know.

  18. OMG....I love all the B's of Bo Bunny! So very hard not too! I have the Bo Bunny on my blog too (and I couldn't pick just one) It is so hard to pick a favourite.....all the new designs are simply wonderful and are going to be so much fun to create with!

  19. Added your Blinkie to my blog!!! Love Bo Bunny..

    Janie Boots

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