Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stamping with Plastic Wrap?!

Last month I shared a stamping tutorial with you using paper towels to apply ink to your stamped images! Well, this month I have another unique household item you can use for applying ink however this time you are going to use it to apply the ink to your stamps! What is it you ask? Plastic wrap! It gives the ink a fun watercolor look and if you are really into messy you can even use it to blend more then one color on your stamps. I will be sharing with you one finished example of how I used these techniques along with step by step instructions on how to use them yourself! Are you ready to get started?!

(These are what you will need for this technique.)
Bo Bunny Clearly Stamp Set
Acrylic stamping blocks
Dye Ink 1-4 colors
Plastic Wrap

This is the stamp set I used
Tear about a 6 inch wide piece of plastic wrap from the roll.
Cut this in half.
Wad your plastic wrap into a ball leaving some on the end that you can hold onto.
Take this ball of wrap and tap it on your ink pad lightly.
Now apply the inked plastic wrap to your stamp, lightly tapping the ink onto the stamp.
Here is the stamp lightly inked with the plastic wrap!
Stamp it onto your cardstock.
You do not need to push very hard.
You should have a nice mottled looking image. If you have too much ink on the plastic wrap you will not be able to see the mottled look. Here is a close up of how it will look...

I decided to create a background piece using this technique and three different colors of ink: red, blue and yellow.
(The green is a mixture of the yellow and blue ink, and I will discuss this technique below.)

As I stamped, the flowers began to bloom and grow...
and bloom and grow...
and bloom and grow!
Until I came up with the final trimmed piece that I used on my completed card.
Here is my completed project...
Clearly Stamp: Sophie
Double Dot Cardstock: Buttercup, Clover and Brillant Blue
Double Dot Ribbon: Clover 5/8 inch

The blending technique that I mentioned above works like this:
Dab the plastic wrap in your first color of choice.
I recommend starting with the lighter colors first.
Add ink to your stamp.
Take another piece of plastic wrap and repeat this with the second color.
Finish by stamping your multi-inked image.

This technique works well to keep you from getting blue ink in your yellow ink for example

You can also try adding different colors to different sections of the stamp to give it an even different look! Again remember to start with your lighter colors first.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hoped you enjoyed this stamping tutorial!


  1. Love this... what a great idea... never would have thought of this... thanks for the tutorial...

  2. Love this idea Juliana!!!!!!! Beauty of a card too!

  3. Thanks for sharing this idea! That is so cool! Love the effect it gives!

  4. like this technique, thank you for sharing!

  5. What a fun technique! I love this! I am not what one would call a stamper, so these types of techniques are fun to learn! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Thanks ladies! I am glad to hear that you all liked it! Especially happy to hear that it appealed to you Sassette since you don't consider yourself a stamper!

  7. Juliana!!! This is fantastic! Love it! I may have to try this!

  8. Great job, Juliana! Nice technique and beautiful card.

  9. I feel silly asking this, but here goes! Does it have to be a dye ink pad, or can I use, say a Tim Holtz distress pad? I'm not really familiar with what the differences are (though I did just try to do a little google search and it just confused me more!), so my apologies if this is an obvious question! Thanks for the tutorial... I love how it looks!