Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 page layout day!!!

We've had a lot of requests from you 2 page layout girls!
So here it is, an entire post to inspire all of you 2 page layout lovers using

Lets get started!!!

Endless Summer 2 page Layout

Designer: Kristen Swain

Products Used:
Sun Kissed Chillin', Sun Kissed Skies, Sun Kissed Splash Zone,
Sun Kissed Cut Outs, Sun Kissed Combo Sticker, Sun Kissed 12" Chipboard,
Sun Kissed Buttons & Bling, Sun Kissed Noteworthy Journaling Cards

Designer Tip: Lightly mist white cardstock with a cloud template and
blue mist to make your own background cloud paper

On Cloud 9 - 2 page Layout

Designer: Rita Shimniok

Products Used:
Sun Kissed Dot, Sun Kissed Skies, Sun Kissed Party, Sun Kissed Clearly Stamp,
Sun Kissed Combo Sticker, Sun Kissed 12" Chipboard, Sun Kissed Noteworthy,
H20 + Fun Cardstock Sticker, Summer Fun Cardstock Sticker,
Sun Kissed iCandy Brads, Sun Kissed iCandy Jewels, Sun Kissed Buttons & Bling,
Paprika Double Dot Ribbon, Ocean Double Dot Paper,
Save the Date Stamp n store, Distress Me Out Stamp n Store

Designer Tip: It's okay to "break the rules". Although scrapbook classes teach us to "ground everything"
I choose to float my clouds on the left, because floating is what clouds do best.
Break the rules and have fun! For a twist on dating the event, stamp a partial stamp of the
Save the Date stamp. I noticed that 2010 and the date we went to the zoo fell into the same quadrant,
and chose to stamp a portion of the image, using red to circle the date.
Using the same set, a marker was used to "ink" June only on another stamp, and
it was imaged within the first impression. Use the Distress Me Out stamp set to "stitch"
around the outside edge of a page with lots of white space. This will add a boarder of color.
A fine tip maker of the same color can be used to doodle in strands, and
some "out of line" stitching, which helps bring the two pages together in the center.

Sandcastles 101

Designer: Juliana Michaels

Products Used: Sun Kissed
, Sun Kissed Adventure, Sun Kissed Party, Sun Kissed Stripe,
Sun Kissed Skies, Sun Kissed Noteworthy, Sun Kissed iCandy Jewels,
Sun Kissed Combo Sticker, Sun Kissed iCandy Stickers, Sun Kissed Chipboard

Designer Tip: Use a page from the Noteworthy journal pages as an embellishment for your page.
Do you like to create your own embellishments? Cut images out of your patterned paper
add a little bling and then attach them to your project with dimensional foam tape.

Splash Zone

Designer: Christine Ousley

Products Used: Sun Kissed Skies, Sun Kissed Splash Zone, Sun Kissed Summer,
Sun Kissed Combo Sticker, 12" Sun Kissed Adhesive Chipboard,
Noteworthy Fun In the Sun Journaling Cards, Sun Kissed iCandy Stickers,
Sun Kissed iCandy Chipboard, Sun Kissed Flowers, Sun Kissed iCandy Jewels

Our design team did it again! Fabulous layouts ladies.
Have a great Thursday!


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    I take way too many pictures to use just one!
    Today's post is sooo inspiring!
    Thanks girls!

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