Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ABC's of BoBunny - G

Today is G day!!!

Lets get started!

Our first G is
One of our classic GUY lines

Next we have...

Also, one of our favorite Double Dots

We also have our 
Cream Gardenia Petals

and last but not least.....


Gwen has worked for BoBunny for 10 going on 11 years.  
Almost since the beginning of BoBunny! 
Gwen is one of our cute shipping GALS!

Gwen loves her family. She has been married to her sweetheart, Paul, for 24 years.
Together they have four beautiful children:
Cassandra - age 23
Cameron - age 18
Cassidy - age 17
Caitlyn - age 14

She loves playing softball, although she doesn't get out on the field very 
often because she is to busy watching her kids play sports.

Gwen's favorite color is Purple.
She loves to scrapbook (when she has time).
She's has recently discovered a new love of reading.

Gwen is generous, quiet and shy.  

Gwen is also a GRANDMA!
She has two beautiful grandsons
Mason - age 5
Jaxon - age 4

Gwen is such an important part of BoBunny.  
Especially because she helps get all of that product shipped out to all of you!
We are so happy she let us have a little glimpse into her life.

Thanks Gwen.

So thats it for our G day.
What is your favorite G?


  1. My favorite Gracie (my daughter) but Grease Monkey runs a close second. LOL

  2. My favorite Granny! Of course, Bo Bunny Grosgrain ribbon!

  3. My favourite gym is the gym...although I've been spending more time with glitter and glue lately.

  4. My favorite G is Gabriel, i really love this name, i wish i had a boy to give him this name...
    And Bo Bunny is the Greatest manufacturer to work with !!!

  5. GOD--def. love Him....but I agree with Jessica...I've been spending more time with glitter and glue.

  6. Well, I always GET happy when there's a new post overhere. And my favorite G has to be the Gardenia's. I love flowers, use them for my boys layouts too!
    GREAT hugs Ingrid

  7. what a cute post!! My fave G is GRANDE dark - EVERY DAY baby!!

  8. One of our faves is G - Glee! Also love Gardenias and those flowers are so pretty!

  9. My favorite G....Groovy because I wish I was feeling groovy today and not sick.

  10. It's GROEP 3; dutch for 1st grade.
    I love being a 1st grade teacher!

  11. my favourite G would be Gelota!! noting like it on a hot summers day! Plus i have lots of of funny photos of my kids with it all over :D

  12. My fave 'G' word is easy...being a Grammy!!! And I so love Grease Monkey....have made many pages for my grandson's album with it!
    Gwen, nice to meet don't look anywhere near old enough to have kids that old!!!

  13. great post :) Gwen is so beautiful.. and she is a stunning grand-ma ;) wow! My favorite G is Giggles.. the ones from my 1 1/2 year old daughter when i tikel her and the morning giggles of my son who is 6 and joins me in bed .. to cuddle up.. and gets tikels ;) great moment.. i love kids giggles

  14. Love it. Fun Getting to know Gwen.
    My favorite G would be green because it's my favorite color.

  15. My favorite G is good deals on scrappy stuff!! ;)
    - April W

  16. My favorite Geography (because I was a geography teacher..) And include Google maps also :D

  17. My favorite G is Goober, which we affectionately call our 10 year old daughter.

  18. My favorite "G" is goodies. Meaning, lots of scrapping goodies, which I love to have!

  19. My favorite G-is girlfriends, never can have enough girlfriends to scrap with. What wonderful times of talking and laughing. Keeps the heart young.

  20. Hi Gwen nice to getting to know you al little bit! You look much younger on the picture. I could not believe that you are allready a grandma. Have a great day Jolanda Meurs

  21. The first thing that popped into my head is "garage sales"! I love going to garage sales!!

    I love the Gwen could have also been featured on the "C" day with her children's names!! Gorgeous photo on that layout!! Wonderful layout!!

    Love these alphabet posts!!! :)

  22. Love Grease Monkey
    and hey I'm a Georgia Girl!

  23. good to know more about you! My favorite G is grandma because I love being one!!!

  24. My favorite G at the moment has to be Grateful. I guess it's just that time of year...I am reminded everyday to be grateful for what I have in my life.

  25. My favorite G is gardening. Love it and find it so relaxing.