Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's FALL like where you live???

Today, we asked our Design Team to make a project portraying what FALL is like where they live.....

Designer: Luzma Bruna

Luzma describes fall in Chili.....

"Here Autumn is not so cold,we have some sunny days and cold ones too.Cold and rain begins in June.We have four seasons and never extreme temps."

Supplies: Olive double dot paper, Chiffon double dot paper, Olivia Mums paper, Olivia Honeydew paper, Olivia Baby`s Breath paper, Chocolate Ruffle wrap, Olivia Chipboard
Other supplies: Vintage photo distress ink, Burlap,
Glimmer Glam, Chalkboard Glimmer mist, felt, MS punches

       Fall Wristlets
         Designer: Christiane Muller

Christiane describes fall in Germany...
"Fall in the northern part of Europe is almost rainy and cold.
I'm a fan of warm clothes and I love knitting.
The wristlets are hand-knitted and felted in the washer.
The BB petals and trims were the perfect icing on the cake!"

Supplies: Bo Bunny Black Tulle Petals, Bo Bunny Purple Rose Trim

                    Don't Worry Be Happy
              Designer: Carole Janson
                     Carole describes Fall in Australia...
                     " it is summer nearly always here in
                      Queensland - Australia"



Designer: Irene Tan

Irene describes Fall in Malaysia
"Fall here is just liked everyday here. Malaysia is not a seasonal country.
We have summer whole year round."

Supplies: Olivia Ambrosia, Olivia Baby's Breath, Olivia Moonlight, Olivia Nectar, Olivia Combo Sticker,
Note Worthy Olivia, Grateful Heart CS Sticker, Olivia Rub-Ons, Olivia iCandy brads, Olive ribbon,
Bo Bunny rub-ons, Bo Bunny blings
Others: glimmer mists, distress ink, thread for stitching, Tombow

Hockey 101
Designer: Samantha Wright

Samantha describes Fall in South Africa
" I had to really think because we have such a mild autumn. This is the time of year though when the mornings are crisp and the sun is warming. It is also time for our hockey season."

How fun are these layouts and projects? 

So, we're interested in knowing....
What's fall like where you live???

Thanks for stopping by!  We love our BB friends!


  1. Fall here (in Midwest of USA) is full of colored leaves and cooler temps. Beautiful!

  2. Oh these are sooo fun!! Love seeing how everyone's fall is different! And the projects are gorgeous!!!

  3. I live in Southern California, it feels nothing like fall around here - it was 102 degrees here yesterday! and it feels that way today again! Not fun, so jealous of everyone living out there where there is a real FALL!

  4. Gorgeous LO's! 'Autumn' here in the UK is cool, usually wet, windy and my porchway and gardens fill up with yellow leaves from the big trees in front of my house! Perfect for a photo shoot!

  5. Fall on the gul coast of Texas is just slightly cooler than summer with less humidity. Not a huge change!


  6. Fall here in WI right now is blustery!!! Most of the time, it is chilly.. temps in the 40's. It is not uncommon to have snow on the ground by mid month, unfortunately here to stay until next March-April. I do love the season change and the colors living up here. I just wish our winters weren't so long! Would love a longer fall season!!! Gorgeous projects!!

  7. Here on the Chesapeake Bay in VA we get a cold Autumn about halfway through. For the first half, it fluctuates between summertime heat and mild days. Then it's like a 1-2 punch and it turns colder. The leaves do still change colors here, which definitely shouts fall to me.

  8. Love these pages...especially the burlap embellishment on the first one. Great work.

  9. What fun fall layouts! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pages! We have beautiful fall color here in NE Ohio, but unfortunately most of the leaves have fallen now.

  10. I love this southern california its still 95 degrees...guess i'll be making a beach layout...not complaining but fall leaves changing colors would be great :)

  11. Well here in Canada...I must confess that Fall is my favourite time of year. The days are crisp but the sun still shines. The colours are beautiful. It makes you really appreciate the beauty or the world around you!

  12. I'm in Arizona... and today was a high of 91 degrees! lol! We don't have seasons here... we have HOT, HOTTER, HOTTEST and yeah... it was below 70 today, grab a sweater! LOL! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE these projects... Cristiane's ROCKS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. WOW!!!! Gorgeous work ladies!! Beautiful layouts, I can just smell the crisp cool Autumn air! And Christiane....those wristlets are just perfection!!

  14. We just moved to Western Australia in March which is the beginning of autumn here. I guess I blinked and missed it LOL

  15. Fall here in Colorado is BEAUTIFUL. The aspen trees changed last month and most trees have lost their leaves around here. It's in the 60's and getting cooler!

  16. Fall in PA is cooling nights, but warmer days in the 50s, a riot of colored leaves dropping all around, apples to pick from the trees, and watching eagles and hawks on their winter migration!
    Great inspiration here, ladies! Thanks so much. I have to get some Olivia!

  17. North Texas is a little cooler in fall than in the summer - at least we get to turn the A/C off! We only have about two weeks of fall and then it is winter.

  18. You all did such a beautiful job!

  19. Love the international perspective on Fall. Those were amazing projects.

  20. It is FINALLY feeling like fall in georgia---cooler weather today!

  21. Just moved to upstate New York this past summer-- and I've been in absolute awe of the autumn beauty here. The leaves are spectacular, and against the bright blue sky, the effect is breathtaking.

  22. Here in Michigan we have gorgeous colors as the leaves turn, and slightly cooler weather. This year we were blessed with very warm weather for most of the fall.

  23. beautiful layouts and those wristlets are to DIE FOR!!!!
    Fall in Virginia is crisp morning air and chilly nights but occasionally you might have a warming day where all you need is a sweater or long sleeve shirt in the day. But the payoff is the beautiful colors and smells that surround you during the fall season.

  24. Fall in Louisiana is just a little bit cooler than summer.