Monday, February 6, 2012

February Blog Class Week 1

Welcome to week 1of our February class..."Just give me a KISS"
I wish you could each reach through the screen and hold this album!  It is chuck full of the most 
darling ideas and techniques.  Sometimes I just like to hold it and stare. 
Today we'll do a bunch of prep work that will make the next 3 weeks a breeze
Watch the video tutorial for step by step instructions, and check out the close-ups 
of each page pictured below. Let us know if you have questions and we’ll do our best to clarify.

Since each page is just bordered with glitter or trim, we are just posting a couple of them to give you an example.  If you need to see more or have other questions...  Let me know, I'd love to help.

If you're just joining us, click here for a list of products needed to play along with this class.

Please forgive any mistakes, we're still learning this process.
From now on, our Monday blog classes, will be posted at 10am MST.

Thanks for joining us! Have fun creating!


  1. Once again, another beautiful album! I can't wait to start tying all the bows. I personally would love to see more of the mini-albums done as your blog class--they are so different than a scrapbook layout and make such wonderful gifts and keepsakes. Please keep them coming!!

  2. I agree, more mini-albums for the blog class. They really are cute and you can really make them your own with different items in your scrap-stash. Such cute ideas and great gifts.

  3. Why does she has gum in her mouth? It isn't very pretty to look at.

  4. Thanks girls... and Dana, I thought the same thing when I saw the video. I'm so sorry, it will not happen again. What was I thinking? :0)

    1. Thanks for your reply, later I watch the whole video, your online class is great and what a pretty mini-album.

  5. These mini album tutorials are so much fun to follow. I'm learning alot of new techniques! I agree, keep them coming!!!

  6. Love love love love this!! Just GORGEOUS!!! And of course now I have Aerosmith's song stuck in my head with that title! lol!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Love the mini albums! So many new techniques and they make such great gifts! Thanks BoBunny and Kris!

  8. I too am enjoying doing the mini albums. Both of mine are to be given as gifts to dear ones. I love making double page layouts too--mostly because I can get more pictures on a 12 x 12 page. I am so enjoying the format for this class because I can work on it at home within my own time frame. I am learning lots of wonderful new techniques, as well as lots of fun, better ways to use the BoBunny products. :-) Kris, I am glad you are enjoying doing this because it is a blessing for the rest of us. Please keep it up.

  9. Another amazing class Kris!! Just love the way you share the details on how to make this album right down to the smallest details like were to add glitter (and how to make the cute!) ...Robbie's album is gorgeous, she is just the queen of ribbons and fabrics (that girl can tie a bow like no other!) Thanks for sharing this class! xx