Friday, May 25, 2012

Field Trip Friday

It's time for another Field Trip Friday!  Working outside of your comfort zone can be a bit tough, but also very rewarding.  It can be hard to try to move away from what 'you always do'.  I have to admit that this is a tough assignment for some of us.  What is wonderful about it is that it helps to grow and get better and try new things.

I came up with some ideas{things I did! :)} to help spark your imagination and take a step away from doing what you always do.

1. Surf around the internet and pay attention to the details of pages that appeal to you, but that you tend to shy away from when working on your own things.  Break it down.  Is it placement?  Colors?  Maybe it's a picture or a topic that you don't normally document.  Give it a try. 
2.  If you have always wanted to try something, take a look at you tube.  There are so many designers that share their ideas and tutorials.
3.  Is there a collection that you love but you don't want to purchase because "I would have no idea what to do with that"?  Did you know that this blog has a search engine that you can search the blog?  Type it in and take time to break down your favorite projects that have been done with that specific collection.
4.  Take a walk around your house.  Do you have something that isn't quite the right color or have the right look that you are looking for, but has good bones?  Why not try covering it with paper or embellishments?

Here is what Irene and I came up with for today's Field Trip. 

Altered Doll House Stove
Irene Tan

Irene says that she has always wanted to alter doll house furniture and hasn't so she decided to give it a try.  It turned out fabulous and I bet we'll be seeing more!  I love that Irene stepped out of her comfort zone, but still did so many of the wonderful detailing that she adds to all of her projects!

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Bo Bunny Supply List:
Stickers: Country Garden Dimensional Stickers, Country Garden Combo Stickers
Jewels: Country Garden
6x6 Paper Pad: Country Garden

Sugar and Spice
Robbie Herring
My Field Trip was all about design.  I really admire the designers that are able to make negative space layouts.  I tend to want to fill in all the spaces. I didn't leave it as negative as I had planned, but it was still outside of my normal look. I also decided to try a design that wasn't centered.  Most of my pages begin with picture placement in the center of the page or close to it, so I decided to start with my picture placed in an unusual, for me, position.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper:  Little Miss Collection, Double Dot Passion Fruit Journal and Vintage
Buttons:  Little Miss
Petals: Little Miss
Trinkets: Little Miss
Stickers:  Little Miss Combo Stickers and Layered Stickers
Chipboard:  Little Miss
Jewels:  Little Miss

So, now it's your turn to think about taking a field trip! 
What do you have to lose?

Be sure to share your pages with us on Facebook! 
We love seeing what you are up too!



  1. Way too cute! Both projects..Love love love!

    ~Vanessa W

  2. Irene that doll house set is just adorable!
    Robbie I love your offset & negative space design!

  3. Beautiful projects!! I love the cute doll house set! and the layout is so sweet!!

  4. Negative space... yeah.... I got the same problem as Robbie. Should try that one too, along with all the other things that are "outside my comfort zone".
    Anyone got a spare bottle of time hiding somewhere?

  5. Robbie -- your lo is just gorgeous!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!! And Irene -- that doll house stove is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!! I just loveeeeeeeeeee it!

  6. Lovely! I must run out and purchase this paper collection. Finally, a little color to the little girls in this collection!

  7. Love your Idea about the doll house Irene....
    Debbie it worked out perfect!

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  9. Wow those projects are phenomenal!!! I love what everyone created!!