Thursday, July 19, 2012

I can "DOODLE" that!

Today's quick and easy tip is to doodle...  Isn't that fun to say. Doodle. Say it with me... Doodle. 
It makes me smile and so do these layouts the girls have come up with.

You will NEVER guess it by these layouts, but the girls claimed to have had
a hard time with these.  Phffft...  They seriously could do good work with their eyes closed.

3rd Birthday
by: Carin McDonough

Tip : The 6x6 paper pads are perfect to keep for making embelishments for your page like I have done with my banners. Firstly you don't have to cut into lots of 12x12 papers if you want various patterns and secondly the pattern is on a smaller scale so it looks better for smaller cut outs. The fun thing about doodling is that is does not need to be perfect so don't be afraid to just put your pen down and doodle! the fun thing about doodling.

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned paper : Choo Choo, Gears, Roads, Cut Outs/On The Go
6x6 Paper Pad : On The Go
Chipboard : On the Go Layered Chipboard
STickers : On The Go Combo Sticker

by: Debbie Sherman

When you're creating a layout for a fun event try adding a little doodling to your layout. It gives the viewer the impression that not only the photo of the event was fun but creating the layout was just as fun! Trace around the page in a carefree manner and frame elements to make them stand out! You'll have fun doing it and your page will reflect fun!

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper:On The Go Vroom, Choo Choo, Cut Outs
Stickers: Friendship Cardstock Sticker; 
Dimensional Stickers: On The Go
Jewels: On The Go
Noteworthy: On The Go
Chipboard: On The Go 12x12 Chipboard

Sweet Chloe
Irene Tan 
Designer Tip: In my layout above, I've added a layer to the design by simply adding a line in between the cardstock and doodle some scallop edges to it. To make doodling easier, I've masked some leaves on the layout and use a black pen to outline them. I've also used a white gel pen to draw some simple details on the leaves. 

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Sunset, Firewood/Camp-A-Lot
Cardstock: Double Dot in Chocolate Vintage
Stickers: Camp-A-Lot Combo Sticker
Buttons: Camp-A-Lot
Petals: Camp-A Lot

Are you feeling it????
Go grab a pen and layout and start doodling.
But wait, first leave a comment and let us know what you think about today's layouts.
Bo Bunny has the best friends!!!


  1. What wonderful doodled pages!! I really do love doodling on layouts, and need to use it more myself. Thanks for the beautiful reminders and inspiration!! ~ Blessings

  2. LOVE the doodling...I think I may try doing this!

  3. love the doodling everyone did!! it adds so much character!! I really need to try that!! thos layouts are fantastic!!

  4. You guys these are FABULOUS! I Love them ALL!!! Great job you guys

  5. Doodling is so awesome! It personalizes a page so much! Love it! :)

  6. I am loving all that doodling!!! Awesome layout!

  7. I am a big doodler!! Love the layouts ladies!!!

  8. On the Go is great for Doodling!!! I love it and should use it more often.

    Carin, I love the flags and doodling you did!

    Irene, yours is soooo sophisticated & detailed, it's awesome!

    Debbie, your handwriting is very nice, neat.

  9. BoBunny always inspires me to do better. Love all the pages. So talented.

  10. I LOVE these! Gorgeous! I need to start doodling more.

  11. I sew on lots of my pages. How to have confidence to doodle. Loved these examples.

  12. Wow! This team can DOODLE! These layouts are fabulous! Makes me want to try...thanks!

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  16. Love Carin's easy border and the pennants. Love the idea of masking the leaves and doodling. LOVE all 3 layouts!

  17. I love this projects!!!It gives a feeling of being free to create.