Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cleaning up mess's again... and winning and challenging

This has been a funny morning.

First of all, I ended up not having a blog post for today and
was so sad.  It's rare that I have nothing to say.

Then, our cute Bo Bunny friend Erica left a comment and
was so confused by my picking a winner for our layout challenge.
Well, no wonder she was so confused...  
I didn't clean up my mess yesterday, I made a bigger one.

Thanks for the help Erica... I hope I get it right this time.

June's challenge was "Juliana's sketch" on June 1st.
July's challenge was "White Space" on July 13th.
August's challenge was supposed to be "Interview Journaling" from Aug 3.

Now... and I kid you not.  
I have someone in the office pick a number 
between 1 and the number of entries in the contest,
to pick our winners for our challenges.

I explained my mess up to them all and explained I needed a winner
for June's challenge and asked Rae to pick a number between 1 and 35.
She picked number 9.
Drum roll......
The winner of June's challenge is Erica!!!

Congrats Erica and looks like you had a blast in Philly!!!

Then.... I posted the "White Space" winner yesterday (Krystle)
which takes care of July.

NOW... for August.  
I'll start the challenge today, since the Sept. challenge ends up being on Sept. 14th, 
so we have plenty of time to play.

Here is a link back to the post, so you can read about the challenge, and then I'll add
the inlinkz to this post, so you can add your 'interview' layout.

Thanks for being patient with us (me) and I can't wait to see what you
all come up with.  If you have any questions... just leave a comment and 
we'll get back with you.  Thanks!!!


  1. LOL too funny :)

    huge congrats to the winners :)

  2. What a fun layout Erica. Congrats to all the winners!

  3. I'm confused too so don't worry lol!!!! Thanks for clarifying everything

  4. I love you Kris!!! You always make me SMILE!!!! Congrats to everyone!!!!

  5. Congrats Erica!! Such a wonderful page!! Enjoy your prize!! Yay that the layout challenge is back on for August!! I know what I'm going to be working in. ;-) ~ Blessings, Tracey


  6. Lol!! Wow, I'm so excited! Thank you for all the lovely comments and congrats to Krystel!

  7. Congrats to all the Fabulous winners!
    Hugs and Blessings,