Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BoBunny Christmas Party!

It's Christmas at BoBunny!
Yesterday was our office Christmas party complete with decorations, a gift exchange, food, and some ugly Christmas sweater fun.  What's your office Christmas party like? 

Here are some photos documenting some party highlights: 

Here's our festive tree.  Don't you love the ornaments?

And check out that Double Dot paper garland! 

The BoBunny gift exchange is always so fun because everyone gets creative and chooses the perfect gift for the person they picked in the drawing.  And, it's a secret until the party! 

Jeri always does a fabulous job decorating for the party! 

The designers and product development team recently started a little tradition called "Wildlife Wednesday." On Wednesdays, everyone wears various animal prints, feathers, leather, anything "wildlife." Laura wanted to make sure that Matthew could participate, so she gifted him this AMAZING t-shirt.  Yes, he's wearing it today. :) 

Alex thought it would be funny to wrap Rae's gift in a huge box, with a smaller box inside, a smaller box inside that one, etc. 

Finally, she found her necklace, wrapped inside a little toilet paper roll! Here's Rae glaring at Alex. 

Jan and Don are big time Razorbacks fans! 

Megan got her first, cute, little baby blankets from Matthew! Baby's due in June! 

We just had to spice up the party a bit with Christmas sweaters! (Laura's idea) 
Here's Amy, Shannon, and Laura (graphic designers).

All the lovely sweater participants! Megan, Kris, Sara, JoAnn, Vicki, Jan, Shannon, Amy, Laura.

And Alex! (Sweater provided by Laura)

Gotta love the tinsel and bells on Vicki's little beauty.  

Merry Christmas everyone! 


  1. Looks like everyone had fun! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. that is hilarious! I love ugly sweater parties LOL!

  3. And a warm and happy YuleTide to all of you as well. Blessed be.

  4. I always love getting a peek behind the Bo Bunny scenes :) These photos are so funny! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. How fun! Our office party just isn't that much fun...I want to come to your party!

  6. I also love to see the behind the scenes photos of Bo Bunny. You all look like your enjoying the party. The gifts are too fun and I LOVE the sweaters!

  7. How fun!! LOVING the photos!! Ours is just a boring one during our monthly team meeting! lol! :)

  8. Nice looking crew! It looked as if everyone had a blast. I love Bo Bunny and I wish you all a Merry Christmas too! Hugs Brenda

  9. Awww... it looks like such a fun place to work! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. How fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I loved the sweaters. I can see you all had lots of fun at the Christmas Party at Bo Bunny. Love to see pictures from behind
    xxx Jolanda

  12. How embarrassing! I own TWO of the exact holiday sweaters that you guys wore to the Christmas party! Not really! You guys have too much fun!

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  14. Mighty ugly sweaters going on at that party - but underneath, I can tell is joy and fun and holiday cheer. Thanks for sharing your holiday joy with us as well as joy year round.

  15. Looks like a fun party indeed. That Christmas tree is filled with so many wonderful items. Thank you for sharing the fun you had in your office.