Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What Makes You Smile? Contest Winners!

We are so excited to share with you our Smile Contest winners.  There were sooooo many fabulous entries and we love you all for participating!  Scrapbooking is all about documenting life and those you love.  It was so fun to get a peek into your lives and what's important to you.  We had so much fun with this contest, you can surely plan on more contests to come! 

The TOP WINNERS were determined by your votes (you can see where your photo stacked up in the voting ranks now on Facebook).  The BoBunny team has chosen 5 ADDITIONAL WINNERS from categories that we created.  There are also 5 MORE WINNERS that were chosen randomly from the entries! If you're a winner, email us with your mailing address to thebobunnyblog@gmail.com.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Here are the winners! 

First Place
Roberta Meyers-Edmisten
"Everything about my sweet boy makes me smile - but nothing makes him smile more than being in any kind of water!"

Second Place
Marlene Minhinnett Aubrey
"The fawn approached the doe but the Doe refused to move( the fawn was looking for direction."

Third Place
Doris E Molina Mora
"I never celebrate Halloween, this holy day is not celebrate in our country, but this year, my baby boy, 6 years old wants to celebrate and, why not? It was my excuse for to so that too. So, I had a Halloween Coffee time with my friends, makeover us as witches and we used hats and brooms. After that, I drove my car for 45 minutes witch disguised. It really was a great day. At night, we collected candy with my son dressed as Batman. Happy Halloween!!"

Runner Up
Lori Kelly
"Having all of our 'boys' in one place is a blessing! Easton and Bentley were born prematurely and spent some time in the NICU at Childrens hospital in Milwaukee. Big brother Karter anxiously awaited their homecoming and is so excited to be their big brother. On October 30th, 2012 we were lucky enough to get all of our boys in one place at the same time. Trust me ~ miracles DO happen!"

Best Pet Photo
Donna Costigan
"Hannah loves riding on the motorcycle with my husband."

Cutest Photo
Sherri Piechnik
"Our precious grandson lives hours away but the memories of visits makes and the anticipation of seeing him again me smile."

Funniest Photo
Donna Gabbard
"Me & ET circa 1985"

Best Costume Photo
Mary Platz
"Our little lion is so happy, he looks like sunshine instead! He turned 1 just days before Halloween; posing with his birthday pumpkin."

Best Journaling
Jodi Wilton
My daughter Taylor, ALWAYS has a smile on her face! Her laughter and smile are infectious. My husband and I decided to "stop" at 2 kids, but I always thought I wanted a third child. In 2007, my oldest sister died in car accident, and that made me rethink what was important in my life. Taylor Tamara (named after my sister) was born three years after my sister's accident, and not a day goes by where I don't think of my sister and all the awesome memories we have. Taylor is a reminder of her, but in a HAPPY way. Anyone who meets her, knows she is very special. She knows how to light up a room, and warm your heart. You can't help but smile when you see her.

And our 5 Random Winners...Thanks for participating! 

Julie Nelson
"Max, Porchia and Yogi heard the Truck coming for miles!"

Richelle Davidson
"This is a picture that my son took of his nephew (my grandson). He likes to mimic Uncle Christopher and be just like him. "A mini Me" as his Uncle Christopher states. How can you not smile looking into that face. Love you Huxley Bear."

Dawn Murphy
"Our girl Kieta loved to tell secrets, running the beach and anything to pls you, she has sinced passed away but she still makes us smile."

Jennifer Kibler-Harris
"This is Emmett. He's 2 weeks from his fifth birthday in this picture. He's a bit of a character when he wants to be, otherwise he's a very shy, quiet little boy. He was so excited about first day of Junior Kindergarten! This is him saying good bye to me at the bus stop."

Katie Smith
"My Sister, Taylor, is such an inspiration and can always make me smile!"

Thanks again to all those who participated! We'd love your feedback so we know how to improve these for the future!  Don't forget to email us if you're a winner!  Fabulous prizes are coming your way! 


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