Friday, April 19, 2013

Mix it up

One of the fun things about BoBunny's collections
is how well the colors in the lines match.  We try to make
sure we have 3 or 4 of our Double Dot colors in each collection.

This makes mixing it up kinda fun.
Our Design Team is fabulous at combining completely
different themed papers and making them coordinate with each other.

See if you can name the different collections BEFORE looking at
the supply list....

Cutest Lil Sister
Irene Tan

 BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Carissma, Divine and Style/Isabella; Voila!, Domino and Couturiere/C'est La Vie
Stickers: She's My Sister Cardstock Sticker
Noteworthy: C'est La Vie
Brads: C'est La Vie
Trinkets: Isabella
Jewels: Frosting
Lace: Natural Earth
Flowers: Plum Purple Dahlia, Plum Purple Pansy, Plum Purple Bouquet
Clear Stamps: Flourishes & Such Stamp

by Agnieszka Piskorz
BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Garden, Wanderlust,Calico/ Prairie Chic; Art Nouveau, Couturiere/ C'est la vie
Stickers: Combo stickers: Forever Fall, Prairie Chic, C'est la vie; Dimensional Stickers Prairie Chic; cardstock Stickers Photo up Mama razzi 2
Jewels: Family is
Chipboard: Layered chipboard Mama razzi 2; 12" Prairie Chic, Family is
Noteworthy: Prairie Chic; Country Garden; Mama razzi 2

The Great Outdoors
by Mireille Divjak
BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Cowabunga and Key Lime / Key Lime; Field Journal/ Trail Mix; Nation and Legacy / Anthem
Blossoms: Clover Dahlia and Clover Daisy
12 x 12 Chipboard: Trail Mix
Noteworthy: Trail Mix
Layered Chipboard: Trail Mix
Stamps: Wall to wall texture ; anthem Clear Stamp
Jewels : Licorice Jewels

AMAZING!!  Up to 5 collections on one layout.
What will you do to Mix it up???
Have a great weekend!


  1. These are all great lay-outs! Now I can't wait to get our my Bo Bunny papers and start mixing and matching :)

  2. Love love love how the girls mixed up the collections! I love doing that!!