Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Technique Tuesday with Irene

YES!!!  I love Technique Tuesday.
I ooolways learn something new.

Irene is going to show us fun techniques to use with doilies!
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Irene Tan

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Botany, Woodland Picnic/Trail Mix
Stickers: Camping Cardstock Sticker; Trail Mix Combo Stickers
Noteworthy: Trail Mix
Trinkets: Trail Mix
Jewels: Trail Mix; Licorice
Chipboard: Trail Mix 12 x 12
Clear Stamps: Trail Mix
Paper Doilies: Large, Medium, Small
Flowers: Natural Earth Bouquet 

 "One of the newest add-ons in BoBunny's products are these beautiful and fun paper doilies. Recently, I've received various emails from my readers asking me, "how we can use these paper doilies besides making it into flowers, using it as stencil/mask or using it as direct layering?"

The first idea that popped up in my head is altering! These are paper doilies, you can easily alter them. Here are a few ideas to share with you all.

In this first idea, I've used a large doilie.

 Cut out the inner circle and you will get a ring with beautiful details to layer on your layout.

In this second idea, use the leftover of the inner circle which you've cut out from the earlier paper doilie.
 Cut out another layer of smaller circle from the inner circle piece and you will get another ring to design your layout with.

For this third idea, I used a medium paper doilie.
 Cut out the inner circle but this time, the cut area is slightly different from the earlier paper doilie. (Notice the edges of the cut out circle)
 Use the inner cut out circle and also cut out another smaller circle from a scrap paper to use as a mask on this paper doilie.

 Use a sponge and ink to do the masking on the paper doilie. 
This will create another journaling piece for your layout.

This fourth idea is to use what is leftover from the medium paper doilie after you've used the inner circle.
 Fold pleats on the paper doilie ring and this will create a smaller circle which you can use to layer under tags or create a circular badge with paper doilie edges. You could also use this technique to create a paper doilie framed circle photograph.

This last idea is a very simple one which you can create using the small paper doilie

Cut the small paper doilie into quarters and then, fold pleats with them. This will let you create a fan like folded doilie which you can insert among your cluster of flowers. You can ink or color them with mist before adding it to your projects."

Can you stand it???  Such a fun tutorial... I'm thinking I'm off to play.

Don't forget...

Enjoy your day, friends!!!


  1. VERY COOL!!! Love using Doilies, but I love the unique ways you used them here!!!

  2. wow really awesome using Doilies

  3. It's such an amazing lay-out with a beautiful design! I love what you did with the doilies.

  4. Love the tutorial on different uses of the doilies.

  5. Thanks for the ideas. I'm sure they can be cut and scored to form a yoyo too.

  6. I started laughing when I saw the doilies, only because I was just today trying to complete my C'est la vie" album!!! But I love what Irene has done with these doilies. I have to tell you, Bo Bunny is really teaching me how to layer embellishments so well....something I never did in the past! Thanks, all!

  7. This is gorgeous!! I AM IN LOVE with what you did with the doilies!!!!

  8. I've got a bunch of doilies that I was wondering what to do with besides layering ... thanks for the ideas!

  9. Fabulous Sisters Layout and such a great doily tutorial showing several different uses. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Fantastic en awesome ideas great job Irene. You rock girl.

  11. I love doilies-so this is a great day for me.My favorite is the 4th one-got to try that one right away!