Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Tree Ornaments featuring Carousel Christmas - with Ayumi

Hello BoBunny friends!! It's Ayumi here. 
Today I'll share with you Christmas Ornament using Carousel Christmas collection!  

Christmas Ornament by Ayumi Iwashita.

I prepared a clear glass ornament for this project.   I wanted to use a concave piece that I can add decorations and small elements inside.  I am using a Stickable Stencil here as pictured.  This is ideal for use on a round surface.  This stencil is thin and very pliable and also has a moderate adhesive on the backside to keep it in place as I apply the glitter paste.

I then prepared to use some Glitter Paste.

I will use Glitter Paste as a pattern on the whole ornament.
It looks lovely when it dries, and truly catches the light! Sparkly!

I added a decoration such as a pine cone.

Since it alone is not enough, I cut out the pattern paper and decorated it, along with some other teeny elements to add interest

The snowman is very cute!

I Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the project. just for fun I have included a video as well!  I hope you enjoyed the project today!

Enjoy your happy day.

Thank you.

 BoBunny Supplies:

Patterned Paper: Carousel Christmas/  Magic ,Floral

Glitter Paste: Blush

Stickabele Stencils: Winter Fun


  1. Beautiful! I'm going to try in some plastic half ones and stencil on outside of glass solid ones.

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