Saturday, April 25, 2020

5 Tips to Make a Pretty Mini Album with Angela

Hello crafty friends,
It's Angela here showing you a mini album made with the gorgeous Family Heirlooms collection by BoBunny.  If you are new to scrapbooking mini album or, for any reason, don't feel comfortable with this type of project, let me share with you five tips that will make the easiest mini album the prettiest.


The size of the mini is 7 x 9 x 2 inches. It has a hard cover that I made with a piece of chipboard and covered with three different papers from Family Heirlooms collection, one light color for the outside cover, one darkest for the spine and a third different one for the inside cover.


The first tip I would give you to make a pretty mini album is to vary the size of the pages. Make some pages longer, smaller and wider. 


You can also vary the shape of the pages, for example including a half circle page. You can even vary the size of the cover like I did in my mini where the front cover is narrower than the back cover.


The second tip is to include pockets. Making a pocket is very easy and it's fun to create hidden spaces where adding journaling or mirabilia.


In the pocket section I would reserve a special place to envelops. You can use real envelops or creating your own like I did here, using the WRMK 1-2-3 Punch Board. 


To give even more interesting and secure its content, I created a closure with two brads and a piece of twine. This, introduce to my third tip.


Add texture using twine. Think of any twine, string, ribbon, fabric and lace. I used a piece of velvet ribbon for the closure of the mini and a piece of lace under the embellishments.


Also stitching is a great plus. You could stitch an embellishment or the profile of a page or close a pocket with a regular or a zigzag stitch.


The forth tip is about the embellishments themselves. Play with the embellishments! Let the embellishments guide you to create the page.


On the above page, I created a kind of notebook with a piece of patterned paper just to give a place to that beautiful fountain pen die-cut. On the page below, I folded the Family die-cut following the tile shapes of the design.


We arrived to my last tip, the fifth. This is the most creative of the tips I listed till now and it's definitely the one that I prefer.


Tip 5: include unexpected elements!
It isn't that difficult, sometimes it is the design of the patterned paper itself that guide you. What about a mini in the mini?


I made a little accordion mini album out of paper Family Heirlooms Ancestors and glued it on the circle page. Isn't it fun?


To secure it and avoid the accidental opening, I made a closure using again a piece of twine and a brad.


And what about buttons? 


These Vintage Buttons cards were a wonderful opportunity to include in the mini album a few of my granny buttons.


Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed the Family Heirlooms album I made and hopefully found some inspiration from my tips. Happy crafting my friends!

BoBunny supplies:
Patterned Papers: Family Heirlooms/ Keepsakes/ Pedigree/ Heritage/ Trinkets/ Generations/ Ancestors/ Origins/ History/ Lineage/ Traditions
Double Dot: Natural Necessities 6x6 paper pad
Cardstock Stickers: Family Heirlooms
Chipboard Stickers: Family Heirlooms
Layered Chipboard: Family Heirlooms
Noteworthy: Family Heirlooms
Brads: Family Heirlooms
Stamps: Rose Garden
Double Dot Pearlescents: Blush/ Coral

Other Supplies:
AC Sticky Thumb dimensional foam adhesive/ sticky dots
WRMK Precision 5" scissors
WRMK 1-2-3 Punch Board

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