Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"SEW" dang cute!

We'd like to introduce a new feature to our blog...

Back View - Look at all that stitching!

Designer: Irene Tan

Supplies Used: Learning Curve Apple Pie, Learning Curve Blackboard,
Learning Curve Bookmark, Learning Curve Cut Outs,
Learning Curve Combo Sticker, Learning Curve 12" Chipboard,
First Day of School Cardstock Sticker, School Is Cool Cardstock Sticker,
Learning Curve Dimensional Stickers, Learning Curve iCandy Brads,
Cranberry Double Dot Ribbon, Assorted BoBunny Buttons

Designer: Sandra Rupp

Supplies Used: Assorted Olivia Heavy Weight Paper, Olivia Die Cut,
Olivia Combo Sticker, Chiffon Double Dot, Coffee Double Dot,
Assorted Double Dot Ribbon

Designer: Mahlin Wiggur

Supplies Used: Olivia Honeydew, Whoo-ligans Spiders,
Whoo-ligans Boo, Whoo-ligans Stripe, Whoo-ligans Dot,
Whoo-ligans Rahh, Winter Joy Snow Angels, Cream Gardenia Petal,
Cambridge Chipboard, Whoo-ligans Rub-ons,
Noel 12" Chipboard, Licorice Chunky Chips Chipboard

Designer: Sarah Eclavea

Supplies Used: Whoo-ligans Dot, Whoo-ligans Monster,
Whoo-ligans Rahh, Whoo-ligans Stripe, Kiwi Double Dot,
Olivia Combo Sticker, Whoo-ligans 12" Combo Stickers,
Whoo-ligans iCandy Brads, Whoo-ligans Dimensional Stickers
Assorted Buttons and Bling

Designer: Michele Beck

Supplies Used: Assorted Double Dot, Olivia Noteworthy,
Olivia Combo Stickers, Olivia 12" Chipboard, Olivia iCandy Chipboard,
Olivia iCandy Stickers, Olivia iCandy Brads,
Cream Gardenia Petal, Chunky Charms Chipboard

Designer: Janis Medina

Supplies Used: Whoo-ligans, Whoo-ligans Dot, 
Whoo-ligans Grrr, Whoo-ligans Stripe, Whoo-ligans Cut Outs,
Whoo-ligans Combo Sticker, Whoo-ligans Combo Sticker,
Whoo-ligans 12" Chipboard, Whoo-ligans Layered Chipboard,
Whoo-ligans iCandy Brads, Whoo-ligans Wraps, Assorted Buttons

These projects are SEW wonderful! 
Thanks Everyone!!!


  1. O, I really love them all! I love sewing on my projects, it's so special and gives it that extra nice touch.
    Thnankx for the inspiration :-)
    Hugs Ingrid

  2. love them all!! what great inspiration!

  3. OMG!!! poor fingers lol !!!! everything is gorgeous !!!

  4. wow all of these projects are gorgeous ladies xx

  5. Wonderful pages full of details! I love them all. C.

  6. SEW CUTE!!!! These projects rock!

  7. Ohwwww girls amazing work again.
    XXX Jolan

  8. Gorgeous projects! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow! I love sewing on my projects!! These are all FABULOUS!!

  10. Sewing just add's that little special touch doesn't it!!...these layouts are all spectacular! love them!

  11. these are all totally gorgeous - i'll bet everyone's fingers are sore!! LOVE the look of stitching on layouts!

  12. The projects are SEW great! I'm sure they took SEW much time to do too :) Great work!

  13. Really awesome sewing on the layouts!

  14. These are "sew" great ladies!!! Love the texture that sewing adds to a project!!!

  15. Great inspiration ladies and wonderful sewing!

  16. I just looooove stitching on projects, it just doesn't feel finished until it's there!

    Wonderful inspiration ladies!!!

  17. ohhhhhhh!! que de belles pages !! bravo ! Scrapy

  18. thanks sew much for the inspiration ladies!!!!!!!

  19. I've GOT to get my sewing machine out! I've been meaning to do it for months and this work is so inspiring!

  20. Gorgeous LO ! Thank for the beautifuls things you to do with your fingers !!!

  21. Thanks for sharing such lovely projects ! I'm inspired by this to sew on my altered frame