Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2 of our January Blog Class!

Here's part 2 of our online blog class!  Don't forget, we love comments!

Page 2
Words: 3 1/4 x 4" (border punch the bottom)
Photo: 3 x 3 1/4"
Circle: 1 3/4"
small banners
1 x 3/4"
1 1/4 x 1/4"
1 1/2" (sticker)

Page 3
Words: 4 3/8 x 3 1/4"
Photo: 2 x 3 (2)

Here's the album for February's online blog class.  I wish each of you could hold this in your hands and show it some love!  It is to die for...  It is so full of character, you are not going to want to miss out.
Our fabulous Robbie Herring designed it and when I got it in my hands...
I was seriously GIDDY!!!!


  1. Kris, your directions were very clear and so were the close-ups. The one thing I GREATLY missed were the close- up photos of each page like you did last week. I loved being able to print them off and than I wasn't tied to the computer which I often have to share with other family members. GREAT job this week explaining everything -- your up arrow on the page direction was SO helpful. I have loved doing my pages and so looked forward to today. Thank you again for all your hard work. So appreciate you sharing your wonderful ideas and techniques with us.

  2. Oh this album is sooooooo beautiful. I would have loved to make one. Unfortunatly i can't purchase these items in my city. If you don't mind me asking about what cost is this and is there a online store i can possibly get the next one? Thanks for sharing this wonderful project.
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

  3. Kris--yay! So excited that Smoochables is the next album. Saw it at the bottom of the post today.

    These two pages for today are just gorgeous and I am going to finish them this afternoon--they will be super quick, I think. Love that! I would also love to see y'all post the close-up photos of the pages once they are finished. I printed them off last week, too and took them with me to my scrapping area.

    Kimberly--I ordered all of my supplies for this album from They carry almost all of the BoBunny lines.

  4. Oh my goodness you guys.... We took the close ups, we just forgot to post them. They are there now, sorry if they are too late.
    You guys are the BEST!!

  5. So much hard work went into this. Thank you so much for the terrific ideas. Just a beautiful project!

  6. I would like to add my take to your adhesive comparison. Unless you use your fabritack glue all up within a short time it becomes very thick and hard to apply and the hole is forever clogging up. I know it is a personal choice but I don't like it at all. (My fav is the Scotch quick dry - one you didn't like at all. LOL)

    One thing I do love is your mini and the tutorial.

  7. Thanks for the tip Mow. Good to know. Never fear, I still have the scotch, so for you, I'll give it a second chance. :)

  8. Kimberly, I don't have pricing right off hand, but I'll get it figured out and let you know.

    If you buy everything for the album, you will have a bunch of fun stuff left to make many more projects.

  9. Love this! Thanks for all the work and videos. Beautiful album. Love February's too.

  10. Thank you, thank you, Kris for the photos. They are so helpful for me. I am loving the way these pages are turning out. They look even BETTER in person- you get the full 3-D effect!! I am thrilled with how they look. See you all next Mon. :)

  11. Amazing what you accomplish in so little time! You make it look so easy and fast.

    And: I'm impressed by you working with those nails. I would have torn them off the minute my Bling got lost under them ;-)

    Watching you work makes me smile, you seem happy at what you do.

    Thanks and a hug from across the Atlantic.

  12. Seriously amazing! You are so precise with details! LOVE it!! Thanks for doing this for us! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. So very pretty! Thanks so much for sharing. I love this line too!

  14. I concur w/ the other girls. I love that Bo Bunny is doing these on-line classes for us. We do not have any scrappy stores in our area I miss the hands on learning new things. I love that the directions are clear and we are able to print some things out. Thank you so much. I hope they continue to do this forever!!!

  15. Love Love Love this class!! The album is beautiful - and I love love love the format! I hope you do more of them! Usually I am so stressed out after an in-store class, because you have to work so fast in a short amount of time. This multi-week format is PERFECT! I can learn new scrapbook skills, rewind as many times as I like, have time to add in my own ideas and enjoy the creative process! Kris, you are a great teacher and BoBunny has great products. Thanks so much! See you in week three and I hope many more. Kathy

  16. Kris!! loved watching your class!! You are so easy to understand and listen to!! I love hearing about adhesives that work too!! I'm always on the lookout for good adhesive! ....One I really like for attaching long winding embellishments like pearl strands is the Tombow liquid adhesive (green & white tube) You just apply it to the page in the design you like your strand to go in, let it set (it gets clear), then attach the pearl strand, it allows you to maneouver it easily and holds very well! ....I hope to see more of your classes! LOVE them!! xx

  17. This album is amazing but trying to find any of the supplies is beyond possible. Everything is on backorder!! WOW!! That's a testament to your awesomeness and I hope to find the supplies sometime in the coming year. :-)