Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 4 January Blog Class

Hey guys, welcome back to our last week of the January blog class. This week's video has some really fun tips and techniques in it, so check it out.


Pages 6 & 7
1 3/4 x 2 1/2" cardboard piece
three- 2 x 3 1/4" Snowfall
three- 2 1/4 x 3 1/2" Cabin

Page 8
2 3/4 x 3 3/4 photo
3 x 4" Cabin

Thanks so much for doing this blog class with us, we've learned a lot and we hope you have too! Leave us a comment telling us what you think of this new feature, and maybe some lines/projects you'd like to see in the future. And just a reminder, our February blog class starts on the 6th. Check the shopping list so you can join in.


  1. Kris, what a wonderful experience this class has been. I have learned so many neat tips like:
    1. Using material on pages
    2. Painting on the Stickles
    3 Paint technique for journal area.
    Thank you so much for a GREAT class. You can bet I already have my materials for our next class here and ready to go. :-) See you soon. God bless. Grammy GG

  2. OH, I forgot to add that I would love to do a Heritage/Family album sometime. I am sure that you could pick a neat, old fashioned, shabby looking Bo Bunny collection. What fun we could have.

  3. Please continue doing these Classes. I loved it, even though I didn't do the album. I learned some more about using different materials on top of eachother and using a brush to put on Stickles instead of just making it a line out of a bottle.

    Kris made it look so easy (even with those nails that make getting a grip on the bling very hard, hihihi)!

    Would love to have the desk space like she has :D.

    Very inspirational, more more more!!!

  4. I have made this album with you every step of the way and it was SO much fun and so easy to do. Now, I have a beautiful album to show off my snow pictures (if we ever get any snow in SC this season--hasn't snowed even a smidge.)! Well, there's always NEXT year's photos! Thanks so much!!

  5. Kris....this has been a wonderful class you've put together! I adore your journal stamping idea!
    ...I'm so inspired, I'm going to do a BB prize give-away at my blog Thursday (I hit my million views on my blog recently and want to celebrate with a giveaway), a prize which will include the Snowflake mini-album....So if any of you ladies are reading this and want to try out Kris's class...come check out my blog Thursday :)

    Gabi xx

  6. Thank You! I made this album for a BD Present for my Mom. She is going to LOVE IT!! Can't wait for the next month's class.

  7. I loved this class! It was so much fun and what a wonderful line to start your on-line classes. Now I just have to figure out which pictures to use in the album! I have to agree with Grammy GG - I would love to see a Heritage/Family album class; Bo Bunny is the perfect line for it!
    Stacy C

  8. Thanks so much for your presentations. Lovely project! Keep up the great work. Although I have completed my family's heritage album, I agree with the other ladies about seeing your ideas for an heritage album. I could always use the ideas for layouts about members of my family who have recently passed. Thanks again! :-)

  9. I love this class Kris! I'm having so much fun following along and learning so many new things! Fabulous idea!

  10. Thanks for the love! I'm having fun doing them. I'll keep the heritage idea in mind. March's is already done, so it will have to be after that. What other types of projects would you guys like to see?

  11. I absolutely LOVED this class. I like that I can do it at my own pace and I am learning that it is okay if I don't do everything exactly perfect. Kris is a WONDERFUL instructor and she made it easy to learn.

  12. Just loved seeing all of the details in this class!! Thanks for sharing! :):):):):):):):):):):)