Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bo Bunny spotlights SCRAPADABADOO

Hi and Happy Fall from Barrie & Carol, the owners of
It seems we always have our Bo Bunny rep, Carley hoppin' because our 
customers can never get enough of every new release. 
Carol and I came together because we both had the same dream. We 
have been paper crafting and scrapping for ten plus years and have a 
wealth of knowledge between us that we wanted to share. We didn't 
want just a store ...we wanted to build a community of women helping 
women...a warm and welcoming place to share our love of the craft. With 
the help of two extremely talented and popular UStream educators/artists,
Laura Denison (Following the Paper Trail) and Kathryn Krieger (Kathryn scraps), we
now have a community of loving, caring and very crafty ladies (and gentlemen)
that spans the globe.
Three years ago, Carol and I found Laura on UStream and loved her work! Laura is best know for her innovative Mini Albums and 3 Dimensional projects to house them. She shares her unique design work through pattern tutorials and kits. We asked her if she would like to work side by side to offer a unique experience for the audience. I noticed that the viewers had lots of
questions about the products she used and where to get them so we
proposed that we would stock the products she used each week and create
a one-stop shopping for the viewers. We also discovered that Laura too
shared our dream of a community of crafters and teaching and sharing,
helping and supporting ...just a comfy cozy place to visit with friends for a while.  

Learn more about Laura at or and find her UStream classes at
.All products used for Laura's class projects can be found at

Here's some of Laura's fabulous work:
     Scrapadabadoo has steadily grown and our customers enjoy their shopping experience and that fact that they are never over charged for products or shipping. 
We were also blessed to find Kathryn from the ScrapBeach, who is one of the very first UStream demonstrators and has a dedicated following. 
Kathryn is very professional and she does product testing and comparisons which is 
part of our store's foundation. When we approached her with our proposal, she agreed to give it a try!

Find information about Kathryn's projects and classes at and

All of the shows are recorded and can be found on her USTREAM channel in recorded videos.
All products used for the class projects can be found at 

Check out Kathryn's work below:


   It has all worked amazingly well and we are proud to be able to work with two amazing crafters.  Kathryn and Laura's styles are completely different but appeal 
to all of the same customers. Kathryn loves to demo all the new products 
we bring in and Laura likes to put a new twist on some of the old ones. 
Laura has also been known to send us scrambling for a new goodie or two that 
she picked up an hour before airtime!

Between both of them, there are 6 two hour shows a week and we are 
there for every show to answer questions and help viewers locate the 
products in the store. The show times and links are posted online.
Our Blog, will have new projects soon. Dawn 
Edwards is working with us to bring some fun for all of our followers To create cards, and projects, and of course we are sure there will be some giveaways. Anybody that knows 
us will tell you that we love to give away great things! So please visit us!
Our weekly Newsletter is filled with funnies, new products, 
pictures from customers, yummy recipes from our wonderful 
followers, and information about new things that are happening in the store or on the shows.
Both Carol and I work hard to bring in the best products we can find, with the best possible customer service.  Bo Bunny is at the top of our product list and we try to keep fully 
stocked with the current releases. If there is something special someone 
needs we are always happy to get it for them.
We have pioneered a format that is working well for us. We invite you 
to join us for a class and some chat. Newcomers are always greeted with 
open arms and we really have a fun time on the shows each week. 

 Stop by or for more info on classes and products! 


  1. We love Scrapadabadoo, Carol,Barrie,Laura, and Kathryn. We who follow them are thankful that we have an online store where we can shop and find all the product to work on the projects that are offered and at a fair price. I know that I can get Bo Bunny from here at anytime. I don't have to run helter kelter looking and being disappointed.
    Thank you Bo Bunny for featuring our friends.

  2. wow love the projects from this store!! too bad they are not near me!!

  3. Keren, they are an online store and ship everywhere in the world.

  4. Very excited to see you showcasing one of the best on-line scrap stores ever!!!!!! Scrapadabadoo is awesome crafters, and run by two wonderful ladies (Barrie & Carol) who are just the best at what they do. I highly recommend them. And if you are not familiar with the artistic creations and oh so talented Laura & Kathryn, you are really missing out. These two ladies are awesome. Check them out and I guarentee you will be hooked. Also make sure you visit Barrie & Carol over at Scrapadabadoo. Two of the sweetest and most helpful ladies you will ever meet.

  5. What a great article!!! I love Barrie & Carol's online store. The best customer service around. Shipping is fast too. Kathryn & Laura are the best instructors on Ustream!!! I have learned so much from them over the last 2 yrs I have been watching them. Both have some of the most ingenious projects. I don't know how they come up with these things. So glad Sawn is jumping in to help with the blog. I can't wait to see what is in store there!!! Good Luck Ladies!!!

  6. The travel tote with album with Destinations (my fav line) is awesome!

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh their projects are amazing!!!!! Thanks for sharing their store... I will be checking them out!!!!

  8. Wow - Thank you Bo Bunny for featuring Scrapadabadoo - Carol & Barrie are fantastic ladies - their customer service is truly the very best on the web! as I live in a VERY tiny island off the coast of the UK I would not have access to some of the wonderful products you have in your part of the world if it were not for them. I am a long time follower of both Laura & Kathryn - I love their shows and have learned so much from them both - and the friends I have made in their respective communities are without price. Such a loving caring group of people - and their support for each other is wonderful when life throws the bad stuff around.

  9. What a neat store!! Great Bo Bunny inspiration here too! ~ Blessings, Tracey