Monday, July 29, 2013

If you love doilies.... stand up!

Seriously I never get sick of seeing doilies on layouts.
That add so much dimension and character to a project.
Check out what the girls have done today.

Crazy friends
by Agnieszka Piskorz

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Panache/ C'est la vie, Stripe/ Country Garden
Doilies: Medium Doilies
Petals: Isabella
Jewels: Isabella; C'est la vie; Glaze Jewels
Combo Stickers: Sunshine; Weekend Market; Country Garden; C'est la vie; Prairie Chic
Cardstock Stickers: True friend/Gabrielle; Photo op/Mama razzi2; Home Again/ Prairie Chic
Dimensional Stickers: Prairie Chic
Brads: Vicki B.
Buttons: Prairie Chic; Isabella
Noteworthy: Prairie Chic
Rub ons: Timepiece; Garden Girl; Liberty
Blossoms: Blush Zinnia
Chipboard: Prairie Chic
Stamps: Geometric Patterns 

Moment in Time
Debbie Sherman

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Mama-razzi2 Photo Booth, Mama-razzi2, Sidelighting, Focus
Noteworthy: Mama-razzi2
Brads: Mama-razzi2
Jewels: Crush
Chipboard: Mama-razzi2 12x12
Trinkets: Mama-razzi2
Essentials:Jewel Flourishes-Chocolate Jewels , Doilies All sizes
Blossoms:Zinnia Harvest Orange, Natural Earth Bouquet

Romy Veul
 Designer Note: I usually work with lots of rectangles and squares on my lay-outs. Doilies can then be a great way to add some more interest to your lay-out.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned papers: Nouveau, DĂ©coupage, Domino, en Rose, VoilĂ !/ C'est La Vie
Double Dot cardstock: Chiffon Vintage, Decaf Vintage
Chipboard: C'est La Vie 12x12 Chipboard, C'est La Vie Layered Chipboard
Noteworthy: C'est La Vie
Doilies: 6.5 in Doilies, 8.5 in Doilies

These layouts just make me smile!  
I hope they make you happy too.
Enjoy your day!


  1. I love the look of doilies as well! they're so pretty just by themselves, or you can alter them, use them as a stencil, etc. :)
    Love your layouts.

  2. The Bo Bunny doilies are truly amazing! I really love your gorgeous pages, Agnieszka and Debbie!

  3. It all depends on the layout. Sometimes they look out of place on both cards and layouts. Sometimes they are that extra special touch that is needed.

  4. I absolutely LOVE doilies & try to use them whenever I can. always looking for more!

  5. Love doilies! They are great for girly layouts and cards.

  6. Ohhhhhh these are all just gorgeous!! LOVING what everyone did with the doilies!!


  7. OMG! This is so absolutely beautiful; love how you all just the doilies.

  8. Oh my! These are gorgeous ladies!!!

  9. Super super stinky cute. Ferriswheel scrapper