Thursday, July 18, 2013

Outdoor Summer

Today's post is all about Trail Mix. Our designers have made some really fantastic projects with their summer activities. I just love this line!

St Michaels on Sea
By Carin McDonough

Patterned Papers : Mountain Air, Lakeside Retreat, Stripe, Field Journal/Trail MixPatterned Paper : Clover and Rust Double DotTrinkets : Trail MixStickers : Camping Cardstock Sticker/Trail MixJewels : Trail Mix

Smores Gift Pack
Debbie Sherman

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper:Trail Mix Botany, Hollow, Trail Mix,
Stickers: Trail Mix Combo Sticker,Camp-A-Lot Combo Sticker 
Noteworthy: Trail Mix
Brads: Trail Mix
Trinkets: Trail Mix

A little bit of green in A'dam (Amsterdam)
Romy Veul

When I go outside, I usually go visiting Amsterdam with friends. But more than visiting museums, theatres or clubs, we like to go visit the 'green parts' of Amsterdam. My favourite way to spend the day is to just relax, enjoy a picnic and take photos in the "Amsterdam woods" or in the park. 

 Designer Note: As a finishing touch I added some small hexagons to my lay-out. I took one of the Noteworthy pieces as a stencil and cut a few hexagons of the same size out of other papers. Besides, I stitched around two of hexagons for a special touch.

Bo Bunny supply list:
Patterned papers: Botany, Field Journal, Lakeside Retreat, Stripe, Woodland Picnic/ Trail Mix
Chipboard: Trail Mix 12x12 Chipboard, C'est La Vie 12x12 Chipboard (title)
Noteworthy: Trail Mix
Stickers: Trail Mix Camping Cardstock Sticker
Blossoms: Harvest Orange Daisy
Stamps: Distressed Textures Stamps

The Great Outdoors
By Sarah Eclavea

Bo Bunny supplies: 
Patterned Paper: Cabin Fever, Meadow, Hollow, Field Journal, Nature, stripe, Woodland Picnic/ Trail Mix
Stickers: Combo/ Trail Mix
Chipboard: 12x12, layered/ Trail Mix
Noteworthy: Trail Mix
Jewels: Trail Mix

Tara Orr

Bo Bunny Supplies:Noteworthy: Trail MixJewels: Trail MixDimensional Stickers: Trail MixLayered Chipboard: Trail MixChipboard: Trail MixCombo Stickers: Trail MixCardstock Stickers: Camping/Trail MixPatterned Paper: Field Journal, Lakeside Retreat, Nature, Mountain Air, Stripe/Trail MixMedium DoiliesSmall DoiliesBlossoms: Natural Earth Zinnia

Love these! I just want to know one thing though, where was that s'mores kit when I went camping last weekend!?!? Do you love Trail Mix as much as I do? What would you put as your summer activity? Leave us a comment :)


  1. Summer is usually ours sons camping with grandparents from both sides of the family. Backyard sprinkler fun. Bike riding. =)

  2. Loving Trailmix!!! and I think these layouts are terrific inspiration!

  3. Oh wow, that smores kit is amazing! Well done all on all these lovely projects.

  4. Gorgeous projects and fab inspiration xxx

  5. Great projects with the TrailMix! Love the layouts, these colors are beautiful... the layers and the creativity are amazing!!

  6. Fantastic projects, I love the S'mores box, so creative all of you!

  7. Oh my, ladies you did a stunning job love it all the details :}

  8. Awesome projects! I really love the smores kit, so cool! Perfect for a campy friend!

  9. Such gorgeous projects, ladies! I love how you all used Trail Mix in such different ways.

  10. Beautiful work! My summer activity is swimming! It's too hot in Phoenix to do much else!

  11. Wow really nice line and great looking layouts. I love the colors in this new line.

  12. Love to go fishing
    in the summer. Great
    being out in nature
    with the lake and
    mountains around
    Carla from Utah

  13. I Love all of the Design Teams Trailmix projects. They are all so amazing! Nice job girls!!

  14. I love Trail Mix - it's the perfect Summer Outdoors collection! Where i'm from, we are blessed enough to have very nice waterfalls that you can reach after a walk in the woods... it's one of my favorite activities to do in the Summer... then we picnic next to the waterfalls :)
    And of course, S'Mores is a very close second! hehe

  15. These are gorgeous!!! I just pinned Debbie's project from her blog post!! Loving those Smores goodies!!!

  16. Particularly awesome work today, gals! Love this collection....great colors and patterns! And you did it proud!

  17. We were lucky enough to try smores on a trip to Hunter Mountain courtesy of a very sharing American family. We make them when we bbq. Fab projects.

  18. Love all the projects. Beautiful! My favorite summer activity is staying inside crafting!

  19. I love trailmix too! I think my favorite summer activity is visiting Grandpa (my Dad) on the farm with the boys. They always love riding the 4 wheeler and running around wild and free. (Ties with sprinkler and pool fun too!)