Monday, July 22, 2013

How's the weather where you live???

Today we're going to learn about the weather in lots of different area's...
What's it like in your neck of the woods??

Summer ? in the Netherlands 
by Jolanda Meurs

 BoBunny supplies:
Patterned Papers: Chevron, Dot, Stonewashed Denim, Corral /Prairie Chic
Chipboard:Prairie Chic
Jewels: Prairie Chic
Dollies: Medium
Jewels: Frosting Swirls
Combo Stickers: Prairie Chic

Debbie Sherman
 Journaling on the Back: It seems that the minute it turns Spring in Wyoming it immediately starts snowing! Not only does it snow but from April to the end of May we have our worst blizzards of the year. This year was no exception a whopping 40" plus in one month!!
 BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper:Powder Mountain Home, Words, 
Stickers: Powder Mountain, Cardstock Sticker, 
Noteworthy: Powder Mountain
Brads: Powder Mountain
Chipboard: Powder Mountain 12 x 12; Layered Chipboard
Essentials: Doilies
Blossoms: Denim Blue Pansy, Denim Blue Bouquet
Trinkets: Powder Mountain
Lace: Natural Earth Lace

Just chillin' in the winter sunshine
by Sam Wright

 Journaling: Here in Durban, the sun is most always shining! If you take a look at the Official Tourism site, you will see that our slogan is...."Durban, The warmest place to be!"
and that really is true, although I feel cold in winter, most days are beautifully sunny and sitting in the winter sunshine is one of my simple pleasures and my loyal little Misty spends hours basking in the sun and moving as it moves, throughout the day
BoBunny supplies: 
Patterned Paper: Key Lime, Deep Blue Sea, Makin' Waves, Stripe/ Key Lime
6x6 Pad: Key Lime
Stickers: 12 x 12 Combo Stickers/ 
Sun Kissed, Sunshine Cardstock sticker/ Key Lime
Chipboard: Chiffon Chipboard Alpha
Buttons: Ambrosia, Apple Cider
Assorted Bo Bunny flowers

Winter in South Africa
Evgenia Petzer
BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Mama-razzi2 Balance, Darkroom, Prairie Chic Dot, Anthem Celebration, Anthem Legacy
Buttons: Mama-razzi2
Jewels: Mama-razzi2
Chipboard: Prairie Chic 12 x 12;

So much fun!  I love hearing about the different seasons in different places.
Scrap your weather and share it with us on facebook.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Love these layouts! really gives you a perspective of our "around the world" seasons! great job ladies!

  2. This is a fun idea, scrapbooking the weather! I love seeing what it's like around the world. :)
    Here in Texas it's hot. But that's summer in Texas for you. ;)

  3. Awesome creations, Evgenia's LO is more than gorgeous. definitely to my Favs.

  4. THESE A are wonderful layouts. Love Wyoming's pics and papers. Great job by everyone showing spring in their area.

  5. Weather photos can be wonderful. Here in Western Australia it's a fairly clear-skied winter's day. 20C

  6. I really love all these unique designs! Gorgeous pages, ladies!

  7. Loved to see about the weather in other countries.

  8. Beautiful projects...really awesome! Love your page Genia! ;-)

  9. What a great topic!! I am loving all the lo's! And here in AZ ... *phew* ... it's hotter than hot!! 117 is our average temps in the summer ... and it will be that way until November!!!