Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A friendly welcome to all visitors from Das creative Hobby

BoBunny sends a warm welcome to Das Creative Hobby! 

A hearty welcome to all Bo Bunny visitors and fans. 

We are so excited to present ourselves and try to write this in understandable and well English, because it´s not our first language.

Das creative Hobby is a family owned company from 

Dresden in East Germany, which was founded in 1994. We 

started with one shop and nowadays we own seven 3260 

sq. ft. shops (in Dresden, Pirna, Erfurt, Leipzig, Bautzen) 

and planning the eighth one in Berlin ;)    

In our shops we offer around 31,000 different materials 
for art, crafts, handicraft and – how could it be 
otherwise- for scrapbooking. 

We buy our products all over the world, for example in Nepal, India or the USA (like Bo Bunny). 

In the Year 2003 we extended our range of scrap 
materials. One of our specialties is our laser. With this 
technology we can make unique stamps, chip boards, 
albums and stencils according to customers wishes.   

We love to teach classes, for instance this month’s “school cone creating”, and our popular “Scrap-Event” every month. This event exists since 2007 and has started with one class every month, but now there are two classes every month because of the large number of participants. There we show our costumers new products or show how to scrap with other materials like acrylic colors, wooden materials or canvas.      

We are really happy to use and to sell the Bo Bunny papers and embellishments and to design and make new samples for our customers, so they can buy more of Bo Bunny ;) 

Every time when we see the new papers of Bo Bunny we 
get so excited and look forward to holding them in our hands and use them for the first time.

You can follow us on Facebook: or on our homepage: or you just visit one of our shops ;)

BoBunny LOVES to learn more about our retailers! These stores are beautiful! If you are  in Germany you must stop by and see them in person! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Ich liebe Ihr Lager! Ich wünsche, dass ich in Deutschland lebte. Ich habe Familie in Deutschland vielleicht ich sollte mich bewegen! lol Auf Wiedersehen Kanada Hallo Berlin! Wünschen Sie Ihnen alles Gute. Ihr Lager ist wunderbar!

  2. Hello to Kanada :)
    in February next year we will open a new shop in the biggest mall of Berlin and we look forward to welcoming you there <3

    Hallo Kanada :)
    Im Februar nächsten Jahres werden wir in der größten Mall von Berlin unseren neuen Shop eröffnen und freuen uns, Sie dort begrüßen zu dürfen <3

  3. Wow...wish I had your shop closer to me!!!! BUT then again, I would probably also be bankrupt!!! ;-) LOL