Monday, September 23, 2013

Meet the BoBunny Graphic Designers!

Have you ever wondered about the BoBunny graphic designers?

Today we want you to meet them!

Company owner Jan Lanoy said, "We currently have the best group of designers! We love them, and we know you will love them too! They are going to share their favorite collection they have designed and we are going to share our favorite things about our designers."

My name is Alex. My favorite line that I loved to work on the most was Fright Delight. I love Halloween and I got the chance to add some of my culture into the designs. My inspiration for this line was Dia de los Muertos. 

 Alex is full of surprises! He has traveled the world playing soccer and we are lucky to now have him here designing AWESOME collections for BoBunny. Alex also doubles as our web designer!

My name is Amy. I love to laugh and have a good time. I love drawing cute elements, that is probably my favorite part of any line I design. My style tends to be more cute or graphic and I use lots of bright colors. My favorite line I have ever designed is Keylime, I love the bright colors the beachy surf style and well kind of everything about it. 

Amy is spunky and is SO talented. You will find her at comic con, at her sewing machine, or at the park with her adorable little girl, Alora. Hmmmmm…does that sound familiar?

My name is Laura.Somehow after coming to Bo Bunny I have become the “crazy cat lady”. I think this came from introducing Wildlife Wednesdays. On the first Wednesday I introduced this I decided to wear a t-shirt my brother gave me as a gag gift with a cat face on the front, my title as the “crazy cat lady” has stuck ever since. I love being creative and designing for the scrapbooking industry. I love anything love, so designing Love Letters was definitely one of my favorite lines to design!

Laura is tons of fun, full of energy and just oozes creativity! Laura introduced wild life Wednesday to BoBunny. Everyone is encouraged to wear animal prints of all kinds! Wednesdays are always a surprise!

My name is Rae. My style has slowly transformed over the years with the changing trends, but "vintage" is usually a word that is used when describing my designs. One of my favorite collections I designed was Isabella. The limited color palette of pinks & greys along with the butterflies & flowers captured a simple elegance that I love. I put my heart & soul into each of my designs & love every collection I have ever designed or co-designed. 

In addition to her beautiful designs, Rae is the calm in the middle of BoBunny chaos. Being the mother of 3 beautiful daughters her work is always trendy, vintage, and chic.

Hey I'm Shannon. I think my favorite collection I've made is Mama-razzi2. I absolutely love that one, the colors are bright, and the cameras are so fun to use. It was really fun to recreate this classic line again with a fresh twist. I even got to hide my grandparents in the line on the polaroid paper-Focus (my grandma's the one with the fabulous cat-eye glasses). 

We are always WOWed by Shannon’s incredible work. We are so thrilled and excited about her latest work which will be delivered by a stork the first of January!

The work atmosphere here at BoBunny is incredible. It is created by the wonderful people who work here. The designers are a large contributor and we appreciate all of their hard work!


  1. Oh wow what an awesome insight.. loved "meeting" all he designers, and I love playing with all their gorgeous designs :)

  2. WOW! It was great "meeting" all of you and learning more about you! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  3. How exciting to see the people behind the designs!!!

  4. How fun that we get to meet our "Design" Creators! Love everything your guys come up with!

  5. Oh how fun is this! So glad to meet you all Alex, Amy, Laura,Rae and Shannon! You are all so very talented thank you for creating such awesome collections....can't wait to see more of your works big hugs Amy ;-)

  6. Loved to meet the Bo Bunny Designers. Keep up the great work you all do. Kind Regard Jolanda Meurs

  7. I really loved this post to meet the designers! Always fun to see who has my taste! Great work! Hope to see more!

  8. thanks for the intro to the designers, this was extra special to see who they are and what their fav's are ... thanks for sharing, enjoyed this one...

  9. So nice to put a face to the creative minds that dream up your wonderful array of papers and embellishments.
    Keep smiling and creating one and all!

  10. I loved getting to know the designers behind the amazing collections! Your all fabulous! I can't wait to see what you create next!

  11. What a pleasure to meet you all!I was wondering for a long time about you :).Now, designing for Bo Bunny will be even more fun! Thank you all for lovely collections!I would love to know in the future who makes a new ones.