Monday, October 27, 2014

Stamp Tutorial & Misc Me!

Here my friends, are some excellent tips and tricks on stamps! Not to mention an adorable Misc Me project to go with it!

Stamp Tutorial with Bernii

Hello BoBunny fans!

Well happy Monday to you all and welcome to a new week where the Design Team will show case how to use our awesome BoBunny stamps. 

I am the first to show you how I use the stamps in my Miscc Me spreads. So I decided I would show you a little sneak peak at how simple and easy it is to create your Misc Me layouts with stamps as the backbone to your spread. So lets take a look. 

When I create my Misc Me spreads I always create an outline on all of my cards either with a pen free hand or with stamps. Throughout this spread I decided to  use the Stitches Stamp set and outline all of the cards with different stitches. 


 I just made sure that I used a scrap piece of paper to make sure that the stamp did not run off the edge of the card. As you can see in the photo below your scrap piece of paper should catch the run off from your stamp. 


To help clean the BoBunny Stamp Block I find that using baby wipes with some and sanitizer works wonders. I also like to use the stamp blocks to help line up my alphabet stamps when I need to create words or titles for my Misc Me cards. Lining up the alphas against the faint lines works wonders and are there to help you and use to create text in a straight line. 


As you can see below this came in very handy when I needed to create the "week 34" title. 


Stamps are so useful and versatile and can really help you to create fast layouts with a uniform look. You could even play it up and introduce different ink colours if you wanted certain stamps to stand out more from others. I decided with this spread to just stick to the black ink as I didn't want to detract from the colourful cards. 

Here are a few closeups . 



I had so much fun just focusing on using my stamps this week and I hope that you too will play along and try out some stamping on your Misc Me spreads. 

BoBunny Supplies: 
Stickers: Combo Stickers / Modern Miss.
Noteworthy: Modern Miss.
Buttons: Modern Miss.
Brads: Modern Miss.
Misc Me binder: Black 12 x 12 . 
Misc Me Page Protector: 12 x 12 Variety Pack. 
Misc Me Contents: Modern Miss Journal Contents.
Double Bot Jewels: Citrus. 
Kraft wood shapes: Cameras. 
Ink Pad: Licorice. 
BoBunny Stamp Block. 


  1. Why didn't I think about putting a piece of paper at the end so my stamps wouldn't run off the page? Great tips Bernii!