Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stencils and Two Exits!

Hi, it's Maria Potapovich (mellpellmell) here for you today.
And I'd like to share with you my philosophical canvas.

There is a saying in Russian: any desperate situation has at least two exits (In Russian, the words "desperate" and "exit" have the same root It would be more correct to translate it like "any situation without exit has at least two exits".).
I do not know whether there is a counterpart in English, but I am sure that people of all nationalities know this truth!
There are three exits on my canvas - it's a reminder that no one should never lose heart!

As you can see, these doors are located on the old, dilapidated walls, whose appearance could take away any hope ... But otpimizm should be in every heart!

Masks and vintage colors (black, white, antique gold and copper) helped me achieve the look of an old wall. Pieces of paper tape with text added visibility of wall without age.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Doors/The Avenues 
Glimmer Spray: Frost 
Glitter Paste: Copper 
Stencils: Brocade
Jewels: The Avenues
Ink Pad: Licorice
Textures Stamp: Wall to Wall Textures Stamp


  1. Beautiful thought behind your canvas, Mariya. And as always you made stunning art with beautiful stencil and texture layers.