Sunday, August 2, 2015

Plates with Pizzazz!

Hello BoBunny's! Today we are super excited to show you a fun and easy way to make your own custom party plate tower!

These are easy and fun! All you need is clear plastic (or glass) plates, mod podge, and a few plastic cups, beautiful BoBunny paper of your choice, (a patterned paper is best) and a pair of scissors! Start off by placing your plate on top of your paper, back side of paper facing up, and tracing around it. Then, cut out circle, leaving about a 1/2 inch around the line so you have room for mistakes. 

Then, measure from the top of the plate to where the base of the plate starts. Next, cut slits every inch all around the circle. This is so when you glue the paper down it lays flat and doesn't wrinkle. Now get your mod podge ready! Brush a thin layer of mod podge all over the plate. Then center your paper on the plate and push the paper down onto the plate, removing any air bubbles. Do this starting with one tab at a time. Let dry, then brush about 4 more layers of mod podge over the top of the paper. Be sure to let each layer dry in between!

Then take your scissors and cut the paper around the edges of the plate to be flush with the plate.

Next, take your cups and hot glue desired plate bottom to bottom of cup and stack as desired!

 These plates are so adorable and versatile! You can stack them for a tower, use them as back drops for decor, or even have them on their own to add height!

They are a fun way to add that special touch to any occasion! 

BoBunny Supplies Used:

You're Invited Paper: Crepe, Jubilee & Party


  1. I this is such a gorgeous idea.... often looking for plates to fit your theme ... with this problem solved. .. really gonna do this

  2. Great ideas and all products from this liine are so nice to work with!