Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beautiful Dreamer & Fabulous Crackle Paste!

Enjoy the little things.....
like BoBunny's Beautiful Dreamer collection and new Crackle Paste!

Today we're going to show you two of the fabulous new mixed media mediums from BoBunny,  Black Crackle Paste and Crackle Paste Primer. You are going to love how easy it is to add this fun texture to your projects.

We started with a piece of the 8x9 chipboard inserts and applied the crackle primer using a palette knife.  ***Tip: use the back of the knife for easier application. The thicker the primer the deeper the cracks. Remember to allow for drying time!

When the primer has dried completely add a layer of Black Crackle Paste.  ***Tip: use the back of a palette knife to apply Crackle Paste. If you want parts of the chipboard to show through for a more shabby look, don't apply Crackle Paste on those spots. To add texture, pat and mound the Crackle Paste.

Once it dries it looks like this :)  Isn't that the cutest!!

Now you're all set and ready to start assembling. Cut a 6x8" piece of Beautiful Dreamer Memories and tear along the left hand side.  

Print out your quote and back it with the new Dusty Rose Double dot and Sweet Pear double dot.  Combine it with elements from the Beautiful Dreamer Noteworthy, Tuxedo Jewel Flourish and Natural Daisy Petals. 

Dusty Rose & Sweet Pear Double Dot papers

Voila! You now have a beautiful piece of decor for your home or to give as a gift.

Easy, fun & fabulous...our new Crackle Paste is the best!

BoBunny supplies:
Patterned Paper: Beautiful Dreamer Memories, Dusty Rose Double Dot, Sweet Pear Double Dot
Noteworthy: Beautiful Dreamer
Chipboard: 8x9 Chipboard Inserts
Jewels: Tuxedo Flourish
Petals: Natural Daisy
Mixed Media; Crackle Primer, Black Crackle Paint
Tools: Palette Knife Set